Friday, March 13, 2015

"That's called sleep paralysis Hannah. That's not a good thing."

Waking up before 6am is worth it when I get to hang out with Rachel, Claire, Lulu, Meric, Maggie, Sophie, Audrey, Elise and Maddy. These beautiful girls are beautiful people. Over hot cinnamon rolls we talked about what we're thankful for, how God is redeeming things in our lives and why being vulnerable brings us closer together. 

Yesterday 8th grader Alex and I were both wearing chambre shirts over white lace shirts with blue pants and sperrys. We decided it was "Who is dressed like Miss Wright?" part 1. Then without planning it, this morning both Sophie and Audrey were matching with me. Can't wait for part 3 on Monday.

Hello CILT PACK 2015! Ladies and gentleman I am thrilled to announce that this summer the fearless leaders of the CILTs will be none other than Liz Koch, Alli Kenney and Tim Rohrbach. I'm going into my 8th summer (oh holy) of CILTs and I think I get a little more excited each year.

Alli Kenney
1. Diet Coke, Harry Potter and pizza are everything to me
2. Chapel is my absolute favorite time of day at camp
3. I go to Saint Mary's College (Go Belles!!!!)
4. I'm studying elementary education and can't wait to have classroom of my own
5. The best clinics at camp are RV yoga, archery and CAC clinics (shout out to Ellyn the CAC Queen)

Liz Koch
1. I have a goal in life to see every continent
2. Next year I hope to have my own classroom
3. I came across Camp Tecumseh on a Google search and fell in love with the place
4. Float trips are one of my favorite things to do at camp
5. Blue Moon ice cream is my weakness

Tim Rohrbach
1. I'm studying industrial engineering at Purdue and ultimately want to use it to improve healthcare systems
2. I adore Mexican food
3. I'm a huge Indianapolis Colts fan
4. Until very recently, I actually thought I'd never work at camp again (so glad I was wrong)
5. I love it when I'm not around my phone

I had to swap lunches with a teacher giving a test today so my kids ended up in B lunch.  Rather than finding a new spot in the teacher's lounge, Elise invited me to join this table of 8th grade girls. Is there anything more Junior High than eating fish sticks and macaroni in the middle of the cafeteria?

Several of the girls that usually eat at this table are currently in Orlando, FL for a cheer competition. We sent them a selfie and they sent us back this one while they were waiting in line at Disney. I think they've got the better deal here. Later they went and found Tom Sawyer Island aka Bob Goff's office and gave him a call.

Hope suggested we check out China Wok for dinner tonight with Abby and Ciara. Nothing beats authentic chinese food and eating all of it with chopsticks. I'm such a fan of Friday nights with these girls. 

Here's your job for this weekend: Go see McFarland, USA. 

This Disney movie is phenomenal. One of the best movies I've seen in a very long time. Cross-country. Underdogs. Family. Believing in your friends. All the very best things are in this movie. 

What Remember The Titans did for football, this movie does for running. 

Hope, Abby and I were on the edge of our seats cheering or nearly in tears. A row of HSJH cross country kids were in the row behind us and I'm pretty sure they're planning on going on a night run after watching that. 

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