Sunday, March 15, 2015

"Yeah I have a debit card. I'm a woman."

A road trip to Muncie with Olivia and Julia on Saturday morning was quite the adventure. I found Sarah St, we visited the local Wal-Mart (where a meth lab had been found the day before), ate at a Pizza King and checked out a local Goodwill.

But the real point of the trip was to watch our friend Caroline play volleyball. She's just been cleared to compete again after multiple ACL surgeries and months of recovery time. She's a rockstar and such a phenomenal person. We were happy to be there to support her team today. 

In the afternoon Julia and I met up with our friend Hope. The warm weather prompted us to go on a bike ride. Lucky for us, the Vigren family has A TANDEM BIKE! Oh my how I love these things. In college, my friend Ali had one and the SIBs could be spotted riding it all over campus.

We rode around a couple different neighborhoods and spotted so many familiar faces. It feels like Spring around here. The three of us had a dinner date before Julia left with her nonnie. 

Hope and I continued the outdoor adventuring with our friend Abby. We all found boots and went on a walk down the Hamilton Proper nature trail. The path was muddy today and the girls had to help me out with a couple piggy back rides through the really flooded parts of the trail.

Sunday afternoon I picked up Grace and Sarah for a belated birthday lunch date. Grace's birthday was yesterday so we celebrated with new friendship bracelets and ice cream all around. These sweet girls are some of my favorite 7th graders and I'm so lucky to know them.

After a run on my own, I met up with Elise and Rachel for the first ride of the bike brigade this Spring. There are so many friends in Gray Eagle that we can meet up with to ride bikes even if our numbers were small today. We rode to Rachel's first to fill up my tires and then were off to Julia's house. A group of boys attacked us with nerf guns so we picked up all of the nerf bullets out of the yard so they couldn't shoot us again. Then one of the boys stole my bike... Sounds like a fight at recess doesn't it?

Our last stop was at the Sams' sisters house to see Allison, Sophie and Audrey. Few things are funnier than talking with a three-year-old. I really love all of these girls. Al and Soph have both been in my cabin before and we can't wait for Castaway.

Julia and I went to the Michael's sale for canvases and friendship bracelet string before meeting up with the last friend of the weekend.  Emily has been one of my best friends for six years and I'm so thankful that she lives in Indy. When we left Julia said, "I really like her. She's kinda laid back and fun like Kcraig."

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