Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kid 1: "When did Babe Ruth die?" Kid 2: "She's the one that died on the Titanic right?"

We've got a new member of Varsity FBC ladies and gentleman. Allow me to introduce you to Miss Sarah Woodward. She was in FAB (Fearless Advanced Braceleters) clinic week 9 this summer with Molly Henry and me. Then she was in my 5th period class first semester. She's an FBC kid, comes to Wyld Life every time and is a total rock star. 

It's been her goal all year to make it into Varsity and today that dream came true. I gave Sar her Varsity frocket this morning and she surprised me with this incredible Tanzania-ish bracelet. It's so beautiful and varsity.

Today IHOP is giving away free pancakes for St. Patrick's Day if you come in wearing green. We were here for free pancakes a few weeks ago and the place was packed. Maddie and I came right after school, hoping to beat the rush. Mush to our dismay, this location was not participating. NO FREE PANCAKES. After our not-free-cones yesterday and our not-free-pancakes today I'm on a roll. Still the pancakes were delicious and I love whenever I get to hang out with this kid.

Tonight I met up with KCraig, Conner and Jess at Starbucks. We try to have adult Wyld Life leaders get together every other week to catch up and debrief what's been going on lately or dream about what's coming up next. Tonight we did a lot of dreaming. These are passionate people who love God and love kids and I'm challenged when I lead alongside them.

Dreams for HSE Young Life that have already come true:

1. Taking a Wyld Life and Young Life Camp Trip
2. Having staff members to run both Young Life and Wyld Life for HSE
3. A committee of dedicated, passionate, faithful adults
4. HS Wyld Life leaders
5. Weekly Campaigners/Club for Young Life
6. Wyld Life Campaigners
7. A Wyld Life Lockout
8. A Wilderness trip to CO (our first is this summer!)
9. Kids serving on Work Crew (our first two are placed for this summer)
10. Capernaum nights once a month at Young Life
11. Giving a bible to every Wyld Life kid at the Lock Out
12. Kids, leaders and families who are passionate about their relationship with Christ and who are growing in relationships with one another

Dreams for HSE Young Life:

1. A retreat for our HS Wyld Life team
2. A Service Weekend in Indianapolis for Young Life
3. After attending Young Life camp, returning campers go to Wilderness or Work Crew as upperclassmen
4. Young Life mystery trip
5. Discipleship program for upperclassmen Young Life kids
6. Capernaum Club
7. Young Life Service Trip to Africa
8. Bob Goff or Glennon Doyle Melton speaking at our banquet

Young Life friends, what would you add to these lists?

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