Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"Great pix of you 2 bestirs. Bestirs. Darn. You know what I mean."

Taylor Fischl introduced me to a new patter we're calling 4-square. The little sections look just like the 4-square courts where you play during recess or trading post a camp. I have a habit of making a whole bunch of a new pattern right away. Seven bracelets later and I'm still not tired of it.


I've been meaning to make it to a 7th grade girls' basketball game all season and finally made it happen tonight. I walked in just before they started the national anthem and in the silence of the gym I heard a dozen whispered, "Miss Wright!" from basketball players and cheerleaders.

KCraig and I sat in the student section because 7th and 8th graders are our kind of people. Jayla, Olivia, Cameron and the rest of their friends were ridiculous and so funny as they cheered along with the cheerleaders and screamed the names of the players. I think Olivia King might be KCraig's spirit animal. Emily, Lauren, Megan and the rest of the cheerleaders did an awesome job of screaming, flipping, stunting, clapping, tumbling and getting everyone to rumble.

KCraig and I went to see a special documentary called The Drop Box. "This documentary feature tells the story of a pastor in South Korea, who built "a mailbox" for abandoned babies. It's a film about the forgotten, the disabled, the miscarded, and the man who gave everything to protect them." People-- it was incredible. This man, Pastor Lee, and his wife decided to install a baby box in the wall of their house so that mothers who felt like they had no other option could leave there baby here rather than throwing them away, putting them down a drain, or leaving them in the street. Pastor Lee and his wife value theses kids' lives so much that they have dedicated their own lives to them. 

Hundreds of kids have come through Pastor Lee's baby box and he has become the father of 15 of those kids, many of whom have special needs. While other people threw them out, he knows each of these kids has a purpose. God's love story is laced through this entire documentary. Pastor Lee says, "I had no problem becoming their father because God adopted me."

Their lives are difficult but they're full of joy. "If the Lord raises them they can grow up to become world famous, great, influential people." You can't not fall in love with these kids as you watch this film. Thursday is the last day it will be shown in theaters so if it's playing near you go see it!

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