Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"You could wear all tan and say you're being a Jenga block."

Yesterday I wrote about being weird. Seconds after I hit the "Publish" button I got a text from Ellyn, "Omg just loved your post. I love KCraig. I want to be her. I think about what I want to be buried in all the time. I love you. Being weird is such a compliment."

I had no idea how she found the post so quickly because I don't think you can get blog notifications. She said, "I must have just felt the Choctaw magic because I just checked in it class. I have a presentation on Monday and I don't want to do it because mine's going to stink. I can't pronounce any of the words! It's on prehistoric Africa. I'm thinking maybe just take a crash course magic class and then just wow them with an incredible show and hope no one realizes I didn't present anything on the topic."

Weird right? She's the best.

Tonight was the first outdoor track meet of the season for HSE. I LOVE track meets. With so many different events I've got YL kids and old students all over the field. I got to see distance runners Grace, Courtney and Rachel in the middle of the field. It's Rachel's birthday today so it was extra great to see her. I got to see Grace run the last leg of the 4 x 8 for her team and gain ground to get the win.

As I was cheering for Grace's team I realized I knew one of the North Central runners- Annie! She's an old Tecumseh kid and these days she does NC YL. She told me she thought I might show up at the meet and she'd already recognized Grace from my Insta.

Hannah Conrad's been a high jumper her whole track career and today I got to see her clear 5' 8" like it was a walk in the park. If I tried to high jump I would probably run straight into the bar. But even more impressive than her ability was the way she was helping and taking care of all the other jumpers. As a Senior, that kind of caring is so important.

Katie Timmons is Kocher's assistant but while Kocher was away at the boys meet, Coach Timmons got to be in charge today. Katie and I have just become friends this semester but I'm already such a fan of this girl. I loved seeing her encourage and give specific feedback to each of the girls after their turn.

From the track meet I ran across town to Mama Bear's for Wyld Life Campaigners. I got to be part of the leadership conversation before 7th and 8th graders started to arrive. We sang One Thing Remains and In Christ Alone with Conner, got announcements from KCraig and then broke up into small groups to talk more.

Tonight we read the story of creation in Genesis together. We drew pictures of the things he made in the margins of our paper--the sky and sea, the land, sun, moon and stars, plants and all natural things,  animals of the sky and on the earth and it was all good. Then on the last day God made man and said that they were made in our image and they were very good.

How cool is that? We were made in "their" image-- the image of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. God was relational from the start. Everything else he made was good but he said that human beings were very good, the best thing that he made.

We went around our group and shared something that we dream of being or doing one day. I loved getting to hear these girls' hearts and their dreams-- being doctors, moms, traveling to Africa and Europe, inventing things, helping others. Some of my dreams have changed over time but some I keep coming back to-- leading a Wilderness trip, writing a book, being a wife and a mom, visiting London, going on a YL Expedition trip, working for YL...

Do you know what tomorrow is?

National Friendship Bracelet Day 2015! Get hype. Wear, make or give a bracelet. Wear your fav FBC sweatshirt... or all of them. Come to FBC if you live in Fishers. Make it awesome. 

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