Thursday, March 19, 2015

"The hardest decision I've had lately is what kind of dog I'll get when I grow up."

What makes a regular Friendship Bracelet Club day even better? Having Ellyn, KCraig and Jess come to visit of course. I saw an Insta of Ellyn and her grandma Jarn having a DQ date this afternoon so I asked her to come to FBC. Having these friends in attendance added some more laughter to our day.

Jesse was the center of attention today-- he even got to be a flyer. Next best thing to being a camp kid is being a Young Life kid. Now that KCraig is on staff, Jesse and Alex Craig will both get to spend a month at Young Life camp this summer. I'm so excited for the two of them.

KCraig and Ellyn, and hopefully me too, are prime examples of the truth that you never really have to grow up. Sure, Ellyn goes to class and KCraig has a job. They pay bills and go grocery shopping and do responsible things. But these "grown-ups" are two of the silliest, most whimsical, fun loving, relationship building, adventure seeking people you will ever meet. Living in Choctaw with Ellyn and leading Young Life with KCraig makes me a better person.

The two major things Ellyn, KCraig and I have in common is our love for Jesus and our love for kids. You know it didn't take long for Ellyn to become friends with Jesse and that it wouldn't be FBC without a pic of Sydney on my hip. I'm counting down the days till Ellyn and I are back with the children of Tecumseh.

Fudge and I grabbed dinner together and then met up with Sophie and Lulu at the movies. By 5:30 we were the first people in line to see Insurgent. This same crew watched the premiers of Divergent, Mockingjay and Catching Fire together as well and we take this very seriously. Soon enough, Abby, Katy and Ciara had arrived too.

At 8:00 the lights dimmed and Tris, Four and Caleb took the screen as the different factions struggled for power. If you loved the books you'll love this too even though there are a few plot differences. You can't help but love the drama and action of a dystopian society.

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