Sunday, April 26, 2015

"I figured out my talent here when I was 11. I can breath underwater. I can go back and forth so many times. Dare me, I'll do it."

Friday morning bible study was one of my favorites that I've had with this group in awhile. Want to know why it was so great? Because they were asking questions and thinking through answer and wanting to figure things out. I love when I see Junior High kids get passionate about their faith. 

Grace, Maddie, Sydney and Lauren get the award for the "Most Likely To Visit My Room Every Passing Period." They might have to share the award with Meredith and Sarah too. I love these kids and can't believe a whole year with them is getting close to the end. I can't wait for them all to experience Wyld Life camp at the start of the summer.

After school I headed to Tecumseh for the Summer 2015 Coordinator Training. All of the directors, village directors and unit coordinators gather together for three days of training, brainstorming, planning and community. It's a weekend I always look forward to and it feels like the first little start of the summer. Friday night included introductions, a walk to the new Green Cathedral, the new River Village game and some wild games of Farkle.

One part of Saturday morning was a crazy awesome team building activity that none of these coords had ever experienced before.

Team Brave-- Molly Henry and Jack McGee

Team Pathfinder- Fabiano and Abby Bien

Team Warrior- John Henry and Emily Harlow

Team Blazer- Mike Jones and Erin O'Awesome

By the end of it our teams new each other a little bit better and we had a clearer picture of how important it is for all of us to work together through out the summer.

As the CILT Coord, I don't have a counterpart during this weekend like the rest of the counselors. I'll get to brainstorm and plan and train with other three CILT counselors next weekend, which I'm so pumped about, but this weekend I get to spend time with these awesome people. I love my friends Erin, Molly and Abby-- as Joel reminded me, all of the girl Coords this summer were once my campers. 

I love Emily and Dayna and how they're such great friends. Whether they're sharing Mike and Ikes or holding hands as we walk across camp-- they take care of each other.

It was a rainy weekend, but we found a little bit of sun to run out to Main Field, our home base in the summer.

There are so many things that still need to happen before summer, but the time will fly. There are only five weeks till we're back here for staff training with 120 counselors.

In just six weeks the first set of campers will be moving into their cabins, bursting with energy and anticipation for the best week of their whole year. 

Lucky for us, both Lillia and Elijah came to dinner with their moms Mel and Renee. 

Mike had to leave to chaperone the Kokomo HS Prom with Mel later that night. Then our well-dressed bosses, Tom and Joel, announced that we would be attending Prom as well. 

We stormed the costume closet and got dressed in the very best.

The employees and other customers in Dairy Queen weren't quite sure what was going on when we all rolled in with these ensembles.

There's a Just Dance set up in the back room and you better believe that we all took turns dancing. Camp people are all sorts of funny and weird and creative and up for anything.

Sunday I finished more bracelets as we talked, practiced presenting, worked on Unit goals and finished up with a cookout in the Riv.

I'm exhausted from late nights but incredibly excited for this upcoming summer. I feel confident in this team of counselors and directors and can't wait to get started.

Honorable Mention Blog Titles
*If Sarah Wright can farkle anyone can farkle. 
*I think I'm allergic to blizzards.
*Thank God for your thin shoulders.
*Are you mad at me? I LOVE camp.
*I'm not even going to smile because there's no hope.
*You can say old if you want, but I feel like a spring chicken.
*Neath these tall green trees we PREY!

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