Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"Oh.... so it's like a book signing!" Chicago

After the Michigan leg of the trip I was on to Chicago next to visit a whole crew of Camp Tecumseh friends. 

Coffee with Chrissy Crowe, one of my dear friends that I don't see nearly enough. She's back in La Grange teaching these days and I loved picking her brain and hearing about her life.

A "book signing" at Chipotle where different friends kept showing up all night to hang out. Gaby from Session 3, best friends Sydney and Nicole....

the Bridget, Mark and Kat trio of friends...

Kelly, Erin and Maggie from Session 3 last summer. All the little groups of friends showed up at different times through out the night which was awesome because I got to have quality time with each of them.

A few of my best friends from CILTs were from this area so I've been visiting Tecumseh people in La Grange for nearly 10 years now. It's wild. I'm thankful that Chicago is just a short drive from Indy and that so many people were around this trip.

Even if my campers don't come back to work Day Camp this summer I hope that we'll keep being friends. Each of them has got a spot in my heart.

I drove into the city to have a sleepover with Mags and her roommate Mia. This pair just might be the most fun roommate duo ever. They ordered pizza at 10 at night and decided to get a large and throw in some breadsticks and tried to get friend ravioli too. That's my kind of late night snack.

Tuesday morning I woke up to go meet Olivia Kinsella, Cara and Shannon. Lucky for me, they're all on Spring Break and were in town to play. We went to breakfast at Elly's, their favorite place, for stacks of pancakes.

We adventured to Maggie Daley Park which is just a bridge walk over from Millennium Park. It was the coolest park ever, one of the most creative ones I'd ever seen.

There were a few of these wild slides that all of the girls went down but I just couldn't do it. They were crazy steep and because they were wet too they shot out of the bottom.

We climbed around and had a whale of a good time.

I insisted that they walk over to the bean to take pics because did you really go to Chicago if you don't go to the bean? I was SHOCKED to hear that these three girls who all live in the city had NEVER taken bean pics before. Isn't that nuts?

Olivia had to leave for a soccer game and I was sad to see her go. I'm so thankful for her friendship and the way she lives her life.

Lucky for me, I got to keep hanging out with Shannon and Cara and Maggie skipped class to come play with us too. We watched Grey's, worked on bracelets, took a house tour all the way up to the roof, and played some extreme spoons.


I headed back out to the suburbs late in the afternoon and stopped by to visit my friend Brenna. She got her tonsils out yesterday and has been living the dream eating ice-cream and watching Grey's. I was so happy to visit her and catch up for a little bit.

I had one big Chicago stop left. Chrissy and I (yes-- I got to see her two days in a row!) met five Blazer girls that we've both had as campers for dinner. Meg, Erin Dickett, Lauren, Erin Williams and Ella are probably some of the greatest kids you will ever meet. They were my Blazer homies week 9 last summer and having both Erins as Choctaw girls was such a gift.

I got to wear Birkenstocks with Erin Williams and match Pattys with Erin and Meg. Everyone ate their noodles with chopsticks even when it was difficult. We talked about why camp rocks, the awesomeness of friendship bracelets, how all of them should move to Fishers and so much more.

I'm so glad this Chicago tour could include these five rock stars and I can't wait to see them all week 9 this summer.

 Alternative Blog Titles:
"Every time you post a pictures of your bracelets guilt just races through me because I'm still working on my earthquake."
"Whenever Erin sees someone wearing Patagonia she says they must be a good person."
"Are there cute apartments in Fishers? I think I'm gonna get one."

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