Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Wait, what are you doing here?"

HSJH has block scheduling for two weeks because of ISTEP testing. Now each period is an hour and a half and we only have four classes a day. Today my prep period overlapped with lunch so I had two hours off in the middle of the day. That's a really long time....  So I drove to the HS to visit YL kids during their lunches. I saw KCraig and Jesse at his swim lesson. Hannah and Ashley introduced me to their favorite teachers, the Senior corner and Han's locker. I saw Cass in gym class and Katie and Courtney with peer mentoring. I ran into Natty B, Erin, Devoe, Lauren and Abby Martin in the halls. During lunches I got to see Genna, Allison, Kate, Ally, Kaylee, Julia, Chloe and Kara. HS was a little terrifying and a whole lot of exciting. 

While Insta stalking #younglife pictures I found this company called Camp + Out. It's run by Ally and Steven Wallace, husband and wife, who say, "Camp played a huge role in our lives: In who we've become and what we stand for. We wanted to create a business that provided the same opportunity for others-- all the whimsy, wonder and life camp has to offer."

Camp + Out sells really cool apparel and other item. Then each month the money support kids going to a different featured Young Life camp. That's awesome. This month you can help kids from Salida Young Life in Arkansas go to camp.

"We believe in a life full of adventure. We believe there's infinite freedom and grace in knowing you are loved more than you could ever imagine. We believe in whimsical love that is out of this world."

Julia and I visited the track meet tonight which is always a good time. I love seeing Hannah jump, Katie Timmons coach, Courtney and Grace run so fast, and bumping into our little peanut of a friend Anna from LC. Beautiful Spring days are so much more beautiful when you get to spend them with great people.

In a spontaneous move, Beef came to Indy tonight and had dinner with Eric and Emily Glanders and me. We've been good friends since being CILT counselors together years ago and I love when we all get to have dinner when he passes through town.


Monday night at the start of Campaigners, our whole Young Life family got to witness Riley Rapp's proposal to the one and only Hannah Blachly. Be still my heart.

Riley has always dreamed of proposing to Hannah at Young Life and coming back from Purdue for Love Tanks was the perfect opportunity. She had no idea it was coming.

In the spirit of Love Tanks, Ryan, KCraig and I each pulled an "example" love tank note out of a bag and read it to the crowd. These notes were actually written ahead of time by Riley to Hannah. Slowly people caught on that something bigger was going on here. Riley came up front after we finished reading our notes and told us more of their story.

When they started dating in HS, going to Campaigners together on Monday nights was one of the best parts of their whole week. (When they were Seniors I got to witness Riley's Prom Proposal at a Campaigners too.) Now years later, their faith is still the foundation of their relationship, they've been to camp together countless times and they share a passion for loving Jesus and loving HS kids.

Hannah of course said yes and cried. It was beautiful. Everyone in the audience was also crying as they watched and captured the moment on video and snapchat. We love these two-- they're two of my very favorite people in the world. When I think about relationships and marriage, theirs is one I aspire to be like. Love you Hannah and Riley.

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