Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"I probably miss you 99% of my day. No, I actually just miss you all the time. 100% of it for sure."

I've been a little MIA from the blogging world for the last couple days but I've been staying busy...

Monday before YL I got to meet up with my friend Mel and her daughter Lillia. I'm excited that I'll get to see them both at Tecumseh this summer. 

Tuesday I was a timer at the Junior High's first home track meet. It was windy and mildly freezing, but totally worth it because I got to cheer on awesome kids like Fudge. 

Wednesday afternoon I reunited with my great friends Taylor and Allison. Taylor just returned from her grand adventure all over Europe and it was a necessity that we caught up. 

Taylor told us stories about her friends from Denmark, the rudest people in Pere Pinion, the kindest people are always Brazilians, swimming in the Mediterranean at midnight, living in 4 outfits for 80 days, shopping your hair off with a woman that doesn't speak English and kind host dads in Ireland. She really had the most fun. 

I got to gift both friends with canvases that hopefully speak to the phase of life that they're both in right now. I love these girls immensely. We still reminisce about the year we met when I got to be their YL leader their Senior year of HS. Somehow we packed four years of craziness, authenticity and road trips into those two semesters. 

 We just started talking about blogs in class this week and my kids are each writing their own. I tell them about Momastery, Young House Love, the Pioneer Woman, Michael Hyatt, Enjoying the Small Things and Storyline and I could just go on and on but have to cut myself off. Today I got this link to a new resource  called Five Things You Need To Know Before You Get Married from our friends at Storyline. I think it's good reading no matter what stage of life you're in.

Know what else I love? Finding selfies on my phone from kids like Sydney, Maddie and Grace. That Janelle Dewolf thought of me when someone dropped off this little porcelain doll for the Market at the Barn. She had KCraig bring it to me so that Annabelle can have a little sister.

Wednesday night Conner, Jess, KCraig and I gathered together to plan our last Campaigners of the year, talked about the first chapter of hurt, went through survey answers from our HS kids and dreamed about Wyld Life things. I'm so glad I get to be in community with these people.

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