Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"Math club is getting more people than we are. Everyone thinks we're freaks."

Sarah joined the elite crew of girls that have written lists of 1,000 things that they love. So incredibly impressive. 

Some of the things I'm thankful for today: 
  1. working with great teachers that love kids and what they do
  2. creating new friendship bracelets
  3. friends across the country of all different ages
  4. best friend necklaces
  5. brainstorming CILTy stuff with Alli, Liz and Tim
  6. texting with YL girls
  7. instrumental Taylor Swift music in class
  8. binge watching Private Practice
  9. leading Wyld Life with Conner, Jess and KCraig
  10. new Wyld Life leaders like Rachel and Jake

Tonight HSJH hosted their Open House for incoming 7th graders. Students and their parents got to tour the school, meet teachers from each subject area, get a chocolate chip cookie from the FACS room and then check out all the clubs and field trips at tables in the gym. I couldn't be there because of Wyld Life, but Hope, Cecilia and Julia rocked the FBC table for me. I don't know if HSJH will have FBC next year, since I'm going to Fall Creek, but wouldn't you want to join?

KCraig had us start Wyld Life off with a very sticky and sugary bang tonight. We quickly split up into groups and chewed two whole packs of gum. Then we used that chewed gum to sculpt something that had to do with Mama Bear's.

Our group molded two bears eating muffins. It was just so much saliva and sugar and sticky gum. Friends that play with each other's gum are friends that stick together.

Tonight we talked about brothers and sisters-- how they should be there for one another to support, encourage, love, guide and help each other. And if Jesus is God's son and we're all children of God than isn't Jesus like our brother too?

I loved talking with this group of Junior High and High School girls tonight about siblings, friendships and how faith is interwoven through the way we treat everyone else.

Rachel Phillips has just started to coming to Wyld Life things and I'm beyond pumped. We've been friends for five years now and I'm such a fan. Tonight she told me, "I've really changed. When I was their age I would have been terrified to talk. But now I love stuff like this and I'm just throwing out comments and meeting everyone and it's so fun." She's a rock star.

I love the friend trio of Jordan, Maddy and Payton. I'm so glad that they're consistently coming to Wyld Life and that they're hungry to know more.

Usually busy with track or cheer during the week, I'm so glad Hannah Conrad could be with us tonight. She has learned so much in the past three years of Young Life and it's so cool to hear her talk about her faith and Jesus. I'm so thankful for her friendship and heart.

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