Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"OH MY GOSH I'M CRYING. WHAT IS GOING ON... 100 to 0 real quick."

Today's Spirit Day is Students Dress Up and Teachers Dress Down.... So I'm dressing down and my wolf pack is wearing their wolf shirts or borrowing one of mine. Nothing's more classy or preppy than a wolf shirt. 

We've been having a Pennies For Patients fundraiser the last few weeks raising money for Leukemia and Lymphoma Research. One of the strategies was a Penny War Bucket Challenge. Teacher's offered to complete crazy challenges if we raised certain totals for their buckets. Today during all 3 lunches they carried out those stunts.

Mr. Yoder was duct taped to the wall for over an hour. Mrs. Worzola got pied in the face three times.

Mrs. Seitz serenaded the room with Katy Perry's Roar (please note her safari outfit to match the music video). Body builder Mrs. Hauser arm-wrestled boys in each lunch-- she's ripped.

Couchie died a blue streak in his infamous ponytail, Mr. Mankin the principal shaved his head, Mrs. Feeney (IU's biggest fan) had to sing the Purdue fight song, and Mrs. Houston played Egg Roulette. Our school rocks.

After my passing period lap before 6th period I usually stop in to see Mrs. Trulock's Spanish class. They sing on a daily basis or I hide under her desk to scare her. But today when the bell rang for class to start there were mysteriously only about five out of thirty kids there. Where in the world could they have gone?

We found the first clue on Trulock's chair and I walked around the building with her on her scavenger hunt.

#1 Trulock-- Ve a la biblioteca.

#2 Trulcok-- Nosotros tenemos hambre. Ve a la cafeteria.

#3 Trulock-- Ve a la clase de tu amiga favorita (Hint: FBC).

We eventually made it down to my room where the door was closed and the lights were off. But Trulock walked in and yelled, "I FOUND YOU!" as the kids crept out of cabinets, under counters and from behind my desk.

Soooo many kids had hidden so well.

HSJH really is the best.

I'm such a fan of random capers, scavenger hunts and adventures.

A few members of the wolf pack met back up during SLT at the very end of the day. They're such kooks.

Can I also just tell you this was the most comfortable teacher day of my life in my joggers, birks, wolf shirt, flannel and messy bun. Love spirit days.

We had Wyld Life Club at the barn tonight before the start of Spring Break. Turns out that many of our friends were busy with packing and last minute things before they left on vacation so our numbers were small but mighty. I was happy to hang out with Blaire and to see Jake Conrad come to Wyld Life for the first time to lead with us.

Tonight was Board Game Club-- the plan was just to hang out and play a whole lot of games. We had some Head Bandz going on...

life size Jenga which later got turned into giant dominoes...

Spot-It and 4-sheets of Twister.

Most of the boys played football in the yard the whole time which was awesome since it's so beautiful outside these days. It kinda feels like summer doesn't it?

I also sent the girls on some interesting challenges-- capture the football, jump on one of the guy's backs, give KCraig a wet willy... Just normal things.

We all gathered up at the end of the night for Raffle (I think it's hilarious when the kids have a whole stack of raffle tickets that they're looking through like old ladies with a table full of Bingo cards). Conner played guitar and we all sang, "There's no place I would rather be then here in your love. Set a fire down in my soul that I can't contain, that I can't control. Cause I want more of you God."

KCraig delivered the Club Talk tonight, starting by telling us about the person she was in Jr High and High School, how she wanted to fit in and be known as popular or as a dancer or as pretty enough. Those thoughts are so common that sometimes we don't even realize there could be a different way. There's a story about when Jesus calls Lazarus out of the crave and he's all bound up in strips of cloth, just like we're bound up by the titles and identities we put on ourselves. But Jesus calls people to help and together, they take those strips off of Lazarus.

Jesus wants to do that for us too. Our true identity is in him and the rest of the stuff is just holding us back. We want to be the kind of people, the kind of friends that help each other be their true selves so we don't get stuck trying to be anything less that God created. This Spring Break as you find time to adventure and relax, to be with family and friends, I hope that you'll spend a little time thinking about and working towards that most real version of yourself.

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