Thursday, April 16, 2015

"Slow and happy."

I found a fun note on my desk first thing this morning from Julia. It's the little things that make a big difference. 

After a two week hiatus, FBC was back in action this afternoon. Oddly enough, there were only 7th graders in attendance this afternoon. I'm still not quite sure how that happened. But the 20 or so of us had a blast. We played a super intense name game with three balls flying across the room and then made a giant table so we could all sit together while we worked on our bracelets. I love these afternoons.

I dropped off Mer, Grace, Syd and Lauren after FBC today and stopped for a snack at Dairy Queen on the way. I still remember stopping at the DQ in Delphi after school and now I get to share onion rings, french fries and ice cream with these girls. Some things never change.

After school I found a letter in the mail from Julia! I love hand written letters--they're one of my favorite things. They're a rarity these days. Even though I see Julia in person pretty regularly I was still so excited to get this. Colorful mail always reminds me of Tecumseh and picking up Choctaw's mail after lunch on the way back to rest hour. Only 51 days till the first campers of the summer check in!

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