Sunday, April 12, 2015

"My friend had a party sophomore year and I stood outside and charged people. $5 each. Didn't tell my friend." Colorado Day 2

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early, ready to take on the day in Colorado. Smoon and I only had 24 hours left and we didn't want to waste a second. We grabbed coffee at a place right down the street and then went to wait for a table at Jelly, a place Arielle and Sam have been wanting to try.

Before our food came we each got a donut hole-- mine was cinnamon sugar and so delicious.

I ordered breakfast sliders (which is the first time I've ever ordered a "slider" anything because that word grosses me out) and they were phenomenal. Mine had onion frittatas, bacon and cheddar cheese on these little challah buns. So delicious.

Then Arielle took us on a walk to Cheeseman Park where you can always spot some interesting people.

Thought today we might have been some interesting people that others were watching.

We walked through downtown Denver, took some public transportation (Wolf Dancer's favorite!) and saw so many cool things along the way. I took the liberty of live tweeting funny things Ellyn said all day long...

I didn't even go through confirmation but I picked a name anyways. It's either Jude or Agatha. #ellynsays

Guys I sent you a snapchat video, but the toilet dispense was INCREDIBLE! #ellynsays

I look good in visors. #ellynsays

I'm a DG too. Dang Gorgeous. #ellynsays

Who needs a backpack when you have an apron? I've got a pocket for my sunblock and a pocket for my water bottle. #ellynsays

I hate gum. I don't like chewing something I'm not going to eat. Like what's the point. #ellynsays

Can we listen to that Taylor Swift song, 'People of New York, People of New York." #ellynsays

My 1st best friend was a Dalmatian. Patch next door. That's why I thought I was a dog. I pooped outside. #ellynsays

I love socks. I have 5 drawers of socks. #ellyn says

A bowl of cereal is $3.49?! Is the milk God's tears?! #ellynsays

I don't really trust people who wear flip-flops. #ellynsays

My mom saved all of our baby teeth in a plastic baggie. I said, "What are you going to do? Make a pukka shell necklace?" #ellynsays

You know peanut butter knuckles? Reach your hand in the jar, peanut butter knuckles. 1 of the 5 worst things. #ellynsays

I'm a messy eater ok? I don't know why all restaurants don't have bibs. Some of us are not adults. #ellynsays

What state is Mt. Everest in? Wait, that's not here?! I'm bad at geography. #ellynsays

On the light rail train, What song should we sing? Everyone knows Princess Pat right? #ellynsays

I don't need friends. I have a FitBit. #ellynsays

My friend had a part sophomore year and I stood outside and charged people. $5 each. Didn't tell my friend. #ellynsays

Puberty was a tough year. Got my period, got acne, got allergies, boobs didn't come in. Still rocking the training bra. #ellynsays

I only want to have one girl. If I have another I'll just send her back. #ellynsays

All my kids names are going to be Rugrats characters-- Charles, Thomas, Lillian, Phillip. The first name will be Dylan. After Bob Dylan. #ellynsays

This girl eats an apple in class every day and her apple juice dripped on my paper. It took everything in me not to lick it. #ellyn says

When people ask me my name and I know I'll never see them again I say Debbie. But D-E-B-B-I-E doesn't have quite the same ring to it as E-L-L-Y-N. #ellynsays

Though we have Chipotle in the midwest, going to lunch at this Chipotle was a very big deal because IT'S THE FIRST CHIPOTLE EVER!!!! Smoon just about died and went to heaven. We happily devoured our burritos and burrito bowls with Diet Coke and chips like it was the greatest meal of our lives.

In the afternoon we drove out to Red Rocks Amphitheater. Not only do they hold concerts here, but it's popular place for people to come and exercise. Ellyn found Arielle's old Starbucks apron in the trunk of the car and decided to wear it rather than wearing a backpack. She had pockets for her water bottle and sunblock so she was all set.

As if the walk up to the amphitheater wasn't steep enough, the altitude makes it more difficult to breath as well. Lucky for us, we're all very sporty and athletic.

With only a little prompting from me, Ellyn hopped right in a prom picture with some gals.

We got our second daily pic of the day...

And plenty of CILT Pack pictures with the whole crew. For real, pictures with the four of us are some of my very favorite ones.

We hiked back to the car, visited nearby Golden where we almost crashed a wedding, went to dinner at one of their favorite spots and piddled around.

Sam was a phenomenal tour guide and he even let us watch some of the DVDs he made at Tecumseh last summer. Watching those videos with Tecumseh counselors is the best because we have all these shared memories and friendships and campers.

We had one more sleepover before Smooney and I flew back home on Sunday morning. Ellyn is sticking around for a few more days with Arielle and Sam in Colorado. It was a quick trip but totally worth the surprising and being able to have the whole gang back together again.

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