Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"People don't really work on Thursdays anyways right?!" Indianapolis

The Spring Break Tour brought me back to Indianapolis for a couple days. After sleeping in I picked up Rachel Phillips for some downtown adventures on Mass Ave. We visited Indy Reads to see Heather's quilt and Rach found some coffee. 

Our main stop was Crimson Tate to find background fabric for the friendship bracelet quilt. We decided on this deep pink and I shipped off to Bethie in MI who will put it all together. Our old friend Heather owns and runs Crimson Tate-- the best quilt store in Indianapolis. I loved getting to see Rach check everything out.

Ryan and Lauren Ahlwardt hosted the adult Young Life leaders at their house for a Moe's fiesta. I love when we get to hang out with all of these folks-- Diskey, Jorge, Conner and Jess, Lauren and Mike, Abby Back, KCraig and her family Steve, Jesse and Alex. These friends are hilarious and we spent the night devouring queso, quoting Napoleon Dynamite and Mean Girls, playing Family and Fishbowl, watching Ryan and Lauren know every actor and movie ever in the history of the world.

p.s. I brought Linc a wolf shirt when I was up in Michigan and today he wore it for the first time! Laughing and howling Lincoln in his awesome Wolf Shirt Wednesday shirt.

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