Sunday, March 6, 2016

"Can orange juice go bad?"

Babysitting Week has come to an end which means I'm back to my own schedule and my own people. Saturday morning that meant that Hools and I headed downtown to reunite with Big Girl Maggie. We sat and chatted in Starbucks before meeting up with Hannah at Chipotle for lunch. It had been too long since the last time we were all together.

Inspired by the car dancing/singing videos of Jedidiah Jenkins and BC Serna, Hools and I figured out how to set up her camera for the same effect. "We're really, really fun," she said as we looked back at the videos. I think she's right.

 Life Motto:

Jill drove down from Chicago for an IU visit, but lucky for us she stopped in Indy on the way. Olivia, Kaya, Jill and Rachel were all practically attached at the hip during CILTs and it made me so happy to see them all together again today.

These girls are silly, positive, goofy, fun loving and kind. I'm so excited for them to be counselors this summer at Tecumseh.

Every Spring I go to the Indiana Elite Dawg Show-- the performance of every team's routine at the very same time. It's a showcase of an incredible amount of talent and the culmination of so much hard work all year long.

As a teacher and YL leader, I get to cheer on so many different girls on all of the older teams. I've been coming for years to support Haleigh Devoe, who got to walk out as a Senior today. I also get to cheer on Hannah, Maddie, Kenzie, Caroline, Lexi, Bailee, Mayson, Brooke...

...Kylie, Brooklyn, Erika, McKenna, Ellie, Payton, Kunk and Lucy. These girls are amazing. 

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