Monday, March 28, 2016

"Your forehead is brighter than my future."

I really love these kids and our time together on Monday mornings. Today we practiced putting the chapters we read into practice. First we talked about how, "Words of encouragement have their own power. The words people say to us not only have shelf life but have the ability to shape life." All 13 of the girls sent an encouraging text to a friend of mine that is going back to school today after being on Spring Break. Because she's a couple hours behind us, she woke up to the love bomb on her phone. 

Then we talked about how Jesus asks us to, "Give up that thing we're so proud of, that thing we believe causes us to matter in the eyes of the world, and give it up to follow Him." We actually went around and each said the thing we think other people define us by most often, "Swimmer... Dancer... The little sister... The principal's daughter..." Then we went around the circle again and said one word that describes how God defines us, "Caring... Creative... Determined... Artistic... Compassionate." The second round of words mean so much more.

In Love Does Bob talks about a game called Bigger or Better. You start with a penny and then trade people over and over to continue to get things that are bigger and better than what you had last. I gave each girl a pencil to start their trading with today. They ended up with masking tape, hand sanitizer, a battery, a pack of Swedish Fish, a marker, an apple, an art textbook, a basket, a pack of mints, Zebra duct tape and a ceramic bowl.

Tonight Young Life Club turned into a student section. We tailgated with hot dogs and popcorn, showed up in our sportiest outfits and got ready to cheer on our teammates.

We played a little corn hole, shot some hoops and hung out before the main event got started.

I love when Rachel shows up with Grace and I know they just had the most awesome karaoke in the car on the way here.

There's a break in cheer world so Maddie got to come tonight for the first and last time of the year. Cami is still on break from dance too so the whole gang was together.

Something very exciting has happened in the YL leader world. With the addition of Emily Kitchen (math teacher and softball coach), we now have a teacher representing Elementary (Abby), Intermediate (Jackie), Junior High (me) and High School (Emily). School is the coolest. 

On Monday nights there is no place we'd rather be than at the Barn hanging out with our friends.

Every kid and leader got in line to play the largest game of knock-out we've ever participated in.

Will was victorious. Later he also said, "This was the best night of YL ever."

Then we broke up in teams to retreive balloons, pop them while wearing oven mitts, grab the ping pong balls and then decipher the mystery word. RISEN!

My home girls claimed the prize.

Next we had four quarters of the craziest Kid v. Leader basketball game you've ever witnessed. In the 1st quarter we played with regular rules. In the 2nd quarter we cranked things up and teammates were tied together.

Things got a little crazy in the 3rd quarter. All of the players had to put panty hose over their whole head. They could still completely fine, they just looked pretty funny to the rest of us.

In the 4th quarter we threw six different balls onto the court-- now you could score with any of them at any time. Beautiful, utter chaos.

The kids won by a slim margin and Grace and Gracie took home the trophies.

Oh how I love this family.

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