Thursday, March 3, 2016

"Excuse me, you're parked in the fire lane. Was the pizza the fire? This is a citizen's arrest."

Smooney always finds the very best stuff. She sent me a link to this video The Theory Of Human Motivation the other day and it's so worth the watch. Good words, good music, good adventures.

"We need love. We need to belong to something greater than ourselves and that comes from friendship, intimacy, community. And if we find those things, then we can start to believe not that some greater force will steer the ship for us, but in ourselves-- in each and every individual's ability to shape the world." 

On day 5 of Babysitting Week I decided we should have some ice cream before dinner. Sometimes you just have to live life on the edge.

There was no FBC today, you know, because Babysitting Week, but that doesn't stop our avid friendship braceleters. I love that it's so normal for girls to walk around school with rolls of tape and clipboards of their current bracelet project. 


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