Thursday, March 31, 2016

"I always try to throw something into the conversation and hope it'll end up on your blog."

Today was awesome. Not only did Spring Break start as soon as the final bell rang, but Haleigh, my cadet teacher, came to the Clubhouse for the WHOLE day. And our school had our first ever Activity Period to reward all of the kids with great behavior this past 9 weeks.

Each teacher planned an activity i.e. recess, minute to win it, movie, kickball, friendship bracelets, service project, concession sales, etc. Kids signed up online for the Activity Period they wanted before those 25 spots ran out. I'm sure you could predict that my room was friendship bracelets, best friend necklaces and Netflix.

Activity Period got even better when the snack cart rolled by with pop, candy and chips-- only $1 each. And these 7th and 8th graders could buy as much as they want. One boy in my room bought three Mountain Dews and said, "I hope that's enough." 

Earlier this morning our administration sent us an email with instructions that started with, "Have fun today with students. Today is all about creating positive relationships with students. I challenge you to get to know someone that you don’t know very well." Gosh, I just love the Clubhouse. 

(I will be traveling to Ethiopia with a team of 9 people through YL Expeditions this week. I'll be back with pictures and stories when we return to the states.)

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