Wednesday, March 30, 2016

"Now what you really want, is a chocolate quinoa cake."

One of the greatest privileges of being a teacher is not just showing up to school to see my kids every day, but getting to be a Wyld Life leader to a handful of those students. When I started college I didn't know if I'd pursue a career in teaching or student ministries. God had a bigger perspective and made a way for me to work at a public school and do ministry with both Junior High and High School kids.  

Being a Wyld Life leaders looks a lot like building relationships. The beauty is that it happens slowly and often you don't even realize it's happening until you've got this whole crew of friends. Girls like Marcella who come from other Junior Highs and can't wait to reunite at the next event. Sarah and Jayla who I've known for over a year and have been living life with them. Brooke and Claire who I just met this year but I already know will be close friends for years to come.

With Spring Break just a day away, we wanted tonight to be a way for leaders and kids to just hang out. Friendship Bracelets. Basketball. Coloring books. Dance party. Sitting on the porch. Sometimes no set agenda is just what we need.

We were thrilled that our gal pal Tiffany came to the barn for the very first time. Sometimes trying something new can be a little intimidating, but she hung out with Jayla and Grace the whole night and I'm sure she'll be back again soon.

This crazy, weird, funny life is totally living the dream. KCraig, the rest of the leaders and I are all about hanging out with these kids, getting to know them better and hopefully continually pointing them back to Christ.

Tonight KCraig gave a Club Talk that was just beautiful and incredibly applicable. I told her she's ready to give talks at summer camp-- especially because no distraction from J can ever phase her. (See how he just watches her adoringly?)

Kathy told our kids that leaders are here asking them questions and trying to be their friend because that's exactly what Jesus did. And for most of us, we had a leader that befriended us and introduced us to Christ. Now we want to do that for someone else.

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