Tuesday, March 29, 2016

"Problem solved. Everyone can breathe now." Tecumseh Tuesday Moments

Highs of the Day:
1. Sending funny letters to fun people
2. Dinner and ice-cream with Liz
3. Only 3 more sleeps till Ethiopia!
4. Packing everything for Spring Break and just knowing that part is done
5. "Shhh! It's Tuesday!" on Libby Grace's forehead

On this #TecumsehTuesday I'm thinking about moments at Summer Camp. Not about specific people at that make Tecumseh so special, but the little moments that so many of us can relate to, some of the reasons we think this place is the greatest. 

The moment in the check-in line when you find out the names of your counselors and cabin.

The moment you snap on your new blue band after swim checks.

The moment when your name gets called to receive your 5-year bandanna at Opening Campfire.

The moment when you're walking to the lake, ready to sprint to the blob line with your lake buddy. 

The moment when your clinic runs through the entire hip hop routine for the first time with the music.

The moment you start to hear the chapel song as you walk through the woods to the Green Cathedral.

The moment when your counselor, carrying the biggest care package, brings it to your bunk at the start of rest hour.

The moment when you counselor surprises you and says something like, "Main Field is filled with Easter eggs! Go!" and everyone runs.

The moment you hear, "Color Guard at ease!" and everyone screams.

The moment one counselor lights the candle in the middle of the circle and the other counselor turns off the cabin lights.

The moment when you hear the distant drum announcing the coming of the Chief and you hear the Torchbearers start crying.

The moment when you see your parents car coming around the circle to pick you up.

What moments would you add to the list?

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