Thursday, March 10, 2016

"I got in trouble multiple times when I was younger because I would lock myself in my room with my parent's credit card and the phone to donate to those sad puppy commercials. I got grounded every time."

Thanks to the Lion King Musical rehearsals and most of the Indiana Elite cheerleaders being in Florida-- our numbers were dwindling at FBC this afternoon. The boys were there in full force (I don't know if I'll ever get used to this) and six girls showed up from Riverside. I pulled everyone together to play the game of Guess Your Identity while we worked on our bracelets. All of the girls busy knotting today are so dang good. Sar learned to make friendship bracelet necklaces too. 

After way too long I finally reunited with Megan Cook at coffee this afternoon. Chloe was there for the first half of our Starbucks date and then soon after she left Rachel walked in for the second half. We freaking love these people and never run out of things to talk about with any of them. I'm such a fan.

A new movie called The Young Messiah came out today about Jesus' life when he was just 7 years old. A few Young Life and Wyld Life friends all showed up to check out this movie about Jesus and his family in a time period we know very little about.

The film is based off a book and gives us a clearer picture of what young Jesus may have been like. It's not the greatest movie I've ever seen, but if you're curious it's worth checking out.

Honorable Mention Blog Titles:
"I was always jealous of you in Junior High because you could get your eyelashes longer than mine."
"The Rain Forest Cafe is seriously my favorite place in the whole world. Sometimes I'll just look up videos of it online and watch them."
"Who are these kids?! Where'd they get them?!"

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