Tuesday, March 22, 2016

"I haven't had a bad hair day yet."

This morning was just all mixed up-- I forgot I was meeting the Love Does girls on a different day than normal, half the group had student council and then these six girls just wrote Justin Bieber lyrics all over my white board. I love Junior High.

Maddie, Hools, Genna, Katy P and I all showed up at the softball field to cheer on Kaylee Carter and friends tonight. Genna and Katy were on the team last year so this was quite the switch for them to be on the other side of the fence.

The most exciting part as we were walking in was when I heard the announcer say, "Carmel batter on deck-- Darby Roberts." I had a little freak out and ran to the fence to spot her. She's a Camp Tecumseh kid that I've never officially met but we've recently become pen-pals. On Friday she shaved her head for St. Baldrick's and kids with cancer, specifically a little boy named Brooks. Darby told me, "Highs of shaving my head: showering is wonderful, I haven't touched my brush since Friday, I don't have to wake up early, I get plenty of head rubs, I don't have to remember where I put my headbands, putting on a sweatshirt doesn't mess up my hair, I haven't had a bad hair day yet, I have an excuse to wear hats in school. This one is my favorite and the ultimate high: people stare, and they give me weird looks, and they don't know how to handle themselves, and it's given me such a new perspective on people with cancer who actually have to go through being bald. It's very humbling."

The Carmel Softball team has also made Brooks their official Super Hero which is totally awesome. The moment when Darby saw me waving at her from the bleachers and realized it was me sitting there was the best. She was stuck in the dug out so we couldn't see each other but it was still grand. She is a gem.

 We're 10 days away from boarding the plane to Ethiopia for Spring Break and I'm so excited. Tonight our team and their families met at St. Yared's Ethiopian Restaurant to eat dinner together. We could've eaten Ambasha (a spiced honey bread) all night long.

The main course was a cultural experience-- Ye-siga beef tibs, split peas, carrots and potatoes and salad. But you don't use utensils. Instead, you pick everything up with pieces of Injera (the flat pancake textured bread).

We learned about how husbands and wives feed one another, the other foods we'll likely eat on our trip and how much I don't love collared greens.

Rachel, Hools, Kaitly, Alex, KCraig, Janelle, Smooney, Kaden and I are so excited for this eye-opening, heart-breaking, joy-inspiring adventure we're about to go on together. 

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