Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"I look like a hobo from the billionth century."

Highs of the day:
1. It's not that out of the ordinary that Libby Grace would spend all of SOAR with her nose taped up like this

2. Pen pal letters from Maddie and Mollie that bring a little bit of Tecumseh into normal days
"In church I was imagining me living on Michigan Ave in Chicago making palm crosses as my side job, but I decided I wouldn't get many customers, but I bet you would come to buy one, so thanks... Too bad you didn't see my Aunt LeeAnn in DC. I will definitely try to find your cousins in Alaska. I would tell you to find my cousins in Ethiopia, but I don't have any cousins in Ethiopia so that would be mean."

 3. J didn't even know it was #nationalpuppyday but still spent all of leadership hugging and drawing pictures of Cabby

4. Leadership with a whole table full of leaders that love Jesus, love kids and love one another... and pizza... we love pizza too

5. Being the welcoming crew outside the Halkyard's house with Jessica, Todd and Jack

6. Easter scenes created by kids and leaders from zebra cakes, plastic grass, jelly beans, peeps and plastic eggs-- everything from the resurrection to the Bunny Titanic

7. Small group with this gang of girls-- an hour of conversation that was back and forth between silly and deep the whole time-- classic Wyld Life

Honorable Mention Blog Title:
"Why get plastic surgery when you have tape?"

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