Thursday, March 24, 2016

National FBC Day 2016

National FBC Day is back and better than ever. Once a year we celebrate all things related  to friendship, creativity, bracelets and fun. This year was no exception. On National FBC Eve I hid notes and bracelets in the lockers of some FBC girls so they'd find them first thing in the morning. Before lunch time I let the principal pick her first friendship bracelet from the stockpile. 

One of my favorite traditions is the annual contest for the best/most creative picture posted through out the day. The winner gets a giant friendship bracelet from me. First thing this morning sisters Claire and Caroline posted this:

It's especially great because are two of the sweetest, most gentle girls you'll ever meet. I later found out they actually were in a fight the night before over who had the Varsity shirt when it was actually in the bottom of Claire's backpack the whole time. Don't forget to notice the flute cases they're carrying. 

The halls of the Clubhouse were full of FBC shirts today-- you couldn't miss them in every classroom and around every corner. 

Even if they had already worn their shirt earlier this week, they made an exception and wore it again. That's dedication. The most original FBC sweatshirt of the day has to go to Libby Grace-- we love New York FBC.

The FBC Army aka Friendship Bracelet Cult was in full force today. 

Every year I've had the girls at my school sign the poster for National FBC Day. It's a yearbook of signatures on my wall with names that remind me of those school years-- Natty B, Katy Puzz, Malena Bruno, Sarah Jane Bryant, Cecilia the Old Hag Vigren, Sarah Woodward. 

Today we autographed the new sign that will get hung up on the wall for years to come. 

I sent out National FBC Day mail, tweeted out some National FBC Day news...

7 years later, FBC was one of my smartest teacher moves. It's silly and quirky and it's created part of the culture of our school. Kids are still making friends, they're learning to give things away without expecting anything in return, they're sticking with something long enough to figure it out, they're buying into the idea that normal Thursdays like March 24th should be celebrated just because.

Oh. My. I really love this. My FBC fashion timeline is my favorite timeline. 7 years of FBC shirts, two Varsity shirts and one summer tank. At this point I think Ellyn and I are the only people with the full wardrobe. I really wish I had saved an extra shirt every year so they could all be turned into and FBC quilt. 

*If you have any of the FBC shirts and ever want to get rid of them-- I would LOVE to have them. 

This crew of girls are some of FBC's biggest enthusiasts. I'm the luckiest to get to know all of them so well. I wonder who will be part of this group 7 years from now when we have at least 20 FBC shirts.

These 8th graders have been such a big part of the Clubhouse, FBC and my life in the last two years. They've only got a few weeks of Junior High left before they're off to the HS and you better bet they'll be missed. 

But if I'm lucky, they'll be like Hools and Maddie who just keep showing up. I can already tell that sevies Brooke and Brynn will be around for years and years to come. 

FBC friends across Fishers, across the Midwest and across the country showed some FBC love today. Paige and Brynn love FBC forever (get it... forever = infinity... their legs are an infinity sign).

The gang took so many pics during FBC after school...

We know how to show up for National FBC Day-- friends from the Clubhouse, HIJH, Riverside and the High School all together at once. 

Nicole created the struggles and perks of friendship braceleting.

Mollie and friends represented at Zionville. Lexie celebrated with her FBC at Northwestern HS in Kokomo.

Grace Lundy and Rachel Kent utilized the magic of Boomerang to throw bracelets like confetti (love the Kid President reference) and to make it rain. 

Hannah celebrated at the HS, Mandy gave a bracelet to her dog and Erin made sure to pack her FBC sweatshirt for Spring Break. 

Caroline added FBC to the periodic table of elements, Maggie's mom was in on the celebration.

Hailey Loftin rocked #nationalFBCday at Cathedral by passing out 30 bracelets and getting people excited about potentially starting their own FBC.

Livy had the most friendship bracelet-y caption that you ever did see. Carl Azuz (the anchor of CNN Student News) would be so impressed by her incorporation of 13 different names of bracelets in her caption for the day.

Brookie went all out-- her mom said, "Oh goly!" when she saw the Varsity shirt pants and bracelets literally dripping off of her. She really became one with the art today.

Claire and Brookie chalked up the day with some driveway art despite our rainy afternoon.

(Did you notice Brooke is photoshopped into the picture? It makes it that much better.)

The National FBC Day was definitely one for the books. I'm such a fan of these kids and our friendship braceleting friends all over the country.

And what about that contest for the best pic of the day?

My Top 5 Finalists:

Chalk & Photoshop

30 New Friends

Flexible Infinity

Sister Disaster

Make It Rain

And the winner is... (drumroll inserted here)...

Claire and Caroline Shumaker with Sister Disaster!

All 8 of the finalists will be getting a friendship bracelet from the stockpile the next time I see them. Keep friendship braceleting my friends!

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