Tuesday, March 8, 2016

"I want to buy it for my kids... I don't have any kids."

It's FREE PANCAKE DAY AT IHOP! You better believe I showed up-- it's one of my favorite holidays. Unfortunately it was an hour and a half wait. So we skipped the free pancakes and went across the street for some Steak n' Shake instead. Maddie is heading off to Disney World for cheer tomorrow but today we caught up, listened to her new songs, got a pinata at Wal-Mart and ate so many french fries. 

Today is also International Women's Day, originally created to celebrate the economic, political an social achievements of women but now more of a day to celebrate women in general.  I have so many different amazing women in my life. 

Smoon, Arie and Ellyn-- three of the longest and most consistent friends in my life. I'm so thankful for all the summers I spent with each of them and that all 4 of us got to spend 2014 together living the dream. Today they're some of my biggest supporters and they can always make me laugh to the point of tears.

Katie and Bethie-- my sister and mom are two of the greatest people you'll ever meet. They shaped who I am today more than they realize and taught me so much about patience, caring for others, determination, passion, forgiveness and love.

Michelle, KCraig, Janelle and Mel-- my moms away from home who have become dear friends. I love pulling a chair up to their kitchen counters, spending time with their daughters, working together on projects and living life as a YL fam. Their faithfulness, positivity and energy inspire.

Emma, Diggy, Katherine and Erin O'Awesome-- once my campers, these four grew up to become counselors themselves and I'm lucky enough to call them friends. They're the kind of people you'd want as your partner, the counselor you'd want if you were a kid and the person you'd hope was looking after your child if you were a parent. I'm so thankful for the summers our lives have overlapped.

My YL girls-- these HS girls have become the main characters of my life in Fishers and I can't imagine if I'd never met them. Life with them looks a lot like heart to hearts, dance parties, "Did you really just say/do that?", laughter, adventures, Campaigners and Clubs and Camp trips, cheering at their sporting events, crafting, dinners and group chats. I'm one of their biggest fans.

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