Wednesday, March 16, 2016

"You gotta make time for the things you love. That's why I'm busy from 4-5 every day. I've got to take a nap."

Sometimes things don't go according to plan. Wash, Meric and I set out to find the giant sledding hill, but I drove straight past the YL Barn and soon enough had no idea where we were. We had only been driving a few miles when we arrived to a small town none of us had ever seen before, "I feel like we just went through a time machine and we're in like 1995," said one of the girls. It was so weird. Even though we were only minutes away from home, this town looked completely different than Fishers.

We stumbled across the Town Park, played on the jungle gym and giant slide and figured out we were in the small town of Fortville. Eventually we used to the GPS to lead us back home and out of 1995. Magically, the route back to Fishers took us right to the sledding hill at Flat Fork Creek that we were looking for in the first place. 

We climbed, we hiked, we tree-housed, we balance-beamed, we explored. It was a grand day.

Of the 5 official Love Languages I'm all about Words of Affirmation. It only makes sense that I would show my students Street Compliments and have them write notes of compliments to sneakily deliver. I love putting notes in kids' lockers and finding ones they've hidden around my desk. But the highlight of the day was the note one of my 7th grade boys wrote to KCraig. I delivered it to her later in the day and she teared up with joy. This is the real deal.

My March Happy Mail arrived! You know I think it's the best subscription ever. It keeps me accountable to regularly writing and sending out more Words of Affirmation to people I love that live all over the place. KCraig started a movement with our YL team this semester--we're writing a letter to every single kid that has signed up to go to WL Camp, YL Camp or Wilderness this summer. It's personal, intentional and surprising--aka brilliant. The world can always use a little more meaningful mail.

When it's not time for Wyld Life Campaigners, Wyld Life leaders still hang out for leadership. Tonight that meant KCraig, Hools, Samone, Blaire and I partied at Wendy's. These people, I tell ya. They're just a whole bunch of Rainbow Fish who know about quinoa, dream of cotillion and have high aspirations for Senior Assassins. These are the kind of people you want more of in your life.

Honorable Mention Blog Title:
"You look like an astronaut. But a good lookin' one."
"My mom grounded me from making friendship bracelets tonight because I ate three pieces of pizza and only left my sister one."

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