Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"Wow, blue eye shadow, that's amazing!"

Tecumseh Tuesday Alumni Trivia-- Can you name these counselors?

1. She's living in NYC, still doing yoga each day after first bringing yoga clinic to Tecumseh, always ready to travel the globe whether it's for work or fun
2. It's a toss up whether she loves Dance Marathon or Tecumseh more, lucky for her she has a Gold Pass to Disney and married a member of Mirror Men
3. After being a Tecumseh lifer with his brothers, he became a teacher in the classroom and coach on the ice
4. Addicted to Diet Coke and arguably one of Purdue's biggest fans, you can find her playing Club sports in all seasons, laking with her family or hanging with the Colts
5. The creator the Cataw-beard, she didn't start coming to Tecumseh till her Torchbearer year but soon became a die hard fan, she found her husband in the River Village and her love for him is only rivaled by her love for Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers
6. You can recognize him by his uniforms-- khakis at Cathedral, ties in the classroom, cycling spandex, Young Life costumes and military regulation clothes
7. Jarn. IU. Will Smith. Nerd Ropes. White Jeep. Chocolate milk. The CAC.
8. His Hip Hop routines and Whitetail prance are unforgettable, these days those Tecumseh skills and more are utilized as he works with kids in Indianapolis
9. He spent an entire summer as a counselor shirtless with a boom box on his shoulder blaring "We Like To Party" all over Tecumseh, these days his party looks like full time ministry
10. She began as a Day Camper, eventually got to wear the Teton Torchbearer vest, is destined to be best friends with Lena Dunham and is currently writing a blog called Corn to Apple

Highs of the Day

1. ISTEP (I know, I know-- but I actually really like it)
2. Board Game Projects have begun which looks like a lot of construction paper, brainstorming, poster boards, working together and trivia questions on Post-It notes
3. Cinnamon rolls after lunch
4. Planning this month's Varsity FBC Project and having girls volunteer for all of the bracelets we need to make
5. Taking Ben and Caroline to the wonderful, magical world of Michael's to stock up on friendship bracelet string
6. Seeing how excited Ben and Caroline were to pet the cats at e Pet Store this afternoon
7. Cleaning out and organizing the junk drawers with Caroline

You know how Oprah used to give away her Favorite Things in one giant show? And now Ellen has her 12 Days of Giveaways every Christmas. If I had the opportunity, here's what I would give away.

Sarah's Favorite Things

1. A collection of Nike Women's Tempo Shorts
2. Keep Exploring Flag
3. Patagonia T-Snap Fleece Pullover
4. A week at Camp Tecumseh Summer Camp
5. Tickets to a Taylor Swift concert with backstage and meet & greet passes
6. Birkenstock sandals
7. A week at Young Life Camp
8. A library of my favorite books by Glennon, Shauna, Bob, Jen and Donald and Shonda
9. A lifetime supply of friendship bracelet string, canvases and paint from Michael's
10. All Inclusive Trip to Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Alumni Answers

1. Sarah Fitzpatrick
2. Brit (Davis) Vanneman
3. Eric Glanders
4. Shelby Barrett
5. Carolyn (Kata) Ostafinski
6. Michael Kraft
7. Ellyn Hessong
8. Chris Franke
9. Sam Needham
10. Abby Bien

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