Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"10 dollars my car gets hit again."

Week 5. Wednesday. The middle day of the summer-- everything goes nuts. 

The CILTs became cows (thanks for the hats Chik-Fil-A) and the counselors were their cattle herders.

The rest of the Riv was dressed up like crazy town.

Session Mooooooo

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA MORGAN! Order of the Oar at breakfast?! That's just crazy.

Sylvester McMonkey McBean visited chapel this morning with his magical star off machine.

The CILTs hightailed it to Lake Village for some Group Initiatives-- traffic jam, all aboard, the puzzle and aqua shoes.

One of the reasons I love this morning is because the CILTs work in smaller groups. Usually we're a CILT Pack of 40 so it's a beautiful thing when we get to have more time to focus with less people.

Is that Tay Hof and Diggy? Or Diggy and Tay Hof? Really not sure over here on this Wacky Wednesday.

The rest of the day included...
Touring Wacky Wednesday cabins (shout out Wax Museum and Candy Land)
Extended Rest Hour because of rain
Chipotle night off with Smoon and Ellyn
Hanging out in the Longhouse with the CILTies and sitting in devotions

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