Friday, July 29, 2016

"Everyone was singing in a circle and it reminded me of what people did before iPods."

I got back to Tecumseh at 12:30 am last night-- just in time to surprise Ellyn, Abby, Kristin, Kate and Shoshone before unrolling my sleeping bag on their floor. Lucky for me, there was still one full day of Week 7 left. 

I spent the day following Ellyn around camp and living the life of the CAC Queen. I really want to be in embroidery clinic.

The end of the summer is full of our LV pals.

Clues to find Viola and I finally got to meet the infamous Brenna.

Oh how I have missed Jas. My heart was so happy to see her today.

I was beyond thrilled to see Avery, Gabby and Maddie. These girls are some of my main characters of Tecumseh at the end of the summer and I'm so glad I got here in time to see them. They are rock stars.

Matt wrote the second installment of the Adventures of the CAC Queen comic strip...

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