Monday, July 11, 2016

"One time my mom got mad at me when I was little so she put the giant carrots in my lunch box for school. It was so embarrassing."

The first morning of CILTs is one of my favorite. We talk about leadership qualities, prep the CILTs for adopted cabins but the very best part is sharing Life Maps. Everyone first draws out their map by themselves thinking through the people, events and experiences that have shaped them. Next we take turns sharing what we've written on our Life Maps. 

We learn so much about one another in such a short period of time. Even though I've done this several times, I think I'm always blown away by how different our lives are, how much some teenagers have already experienced and how lucky we are to get to learn from each other in the next two weeks.

I'm so excited about what the next two weeks will hold with these kids. They bring so many different talents, passions and experiences to the table which will only make them stronger. Oh my, it's going to be a heck of a lot of fun.

This afternoon I played at the pool with Lizzie and about 250 of our closest friends.

This synchronized swimming routine WITH POOL NOODLES was so impressive.

I love when I cross paths with DC counselors late in the afternoon. I'm grabbing pop stop before finding a cabin to play with and they're grabbing ice-cream before trying to squeeze in a rest hour. Almost all of these counselors have been CILTs in the past and I love getting to work with them. I believe in them, I trust them and I have so much faith in them to be excellent counselors.

This afternoon's adopted-cabin tours include a mud hike...

Liz following through on a dare to wear an old dirty sock...

playing with some nature-y friends at the Nature Center...

a tortoise spotting...

a quick trip to the Mini-Farm to see the baby bunny...

and then a trek to Upper Pioneer for our first ever Pizza Oven Cook-Out experience. THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER. We basically had giant lunch-ables and they were delicious. I'll pick pizza over anything every day of the week.

Once we reunited as a CILT Pack we worked on the selection process for the CILT cheer, analyzed the Amazing Race for collaboration and self-awareness and then broke up for devotions and love tanks.

I love Camp T. I love days like this. I love the CILTs. I love that even when camp has challenges it's still so, so good.

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