Thursday, July 21, 2016

"Warrior! Warrior! Baked Oatmeal tomorrow. I was over by Mingo and Wea earlier. How bout that Roger Murphy in the morning?"

Meet Lucy, Kate, Olivia and Wylie. They're all related and probably the coolest set of cousins you'll ever meet. I love when they're all at Tecumseh at the same time. 

If only I were a Warrior counselor this week or I could let them move into the empty bunks in the Longhouse.

After talking about RFAJWD, the CILTs headed up to the Gish Adventure Outpost. We did Human Barometer for the very last time and then dispersed to each do our own thing. I love our iPod Shuffle bus rides together-- these are my kind of people.

More CILT girl photos probably get taken at the Gish than anywhere else which is ironic because we spend the least amount of time here. Regardless, I love it.

Lizzie and I took a group of gal pals on a little hike down to the River to see if the path was clear.


Right before we got picked up I thought it would be a grand idea for a CILT 4 x 4 race on the road. It was very intense.

Then we got a CILT swim time for about 10 minutes. This might be the luckiest session ever-- mud hike, blob time, ice cream, pool time, Chipotle, etc, etc.

I got to hang out with my girl Emma before lunch so my heart was very full. I love this little nugget.

Meet the Doghouse Week 6.

When we were at Wilderness our guide Alaina had this really cool necklace that said, "Uh huh yeah." It's from a company called Our Spare Change and you can have anything inscribed on a coin. I ordered one right when I got back from the mountain and it came today (plus a letter from Kaylee!). I picked "to the full" because of Jesus' promise to give life to the full, till it's overflowing. I want to live a life of meaning and purpose that is to the full.

I fulfilled one of my goals for the summer and hit up pool and lake time in the same afternoon.

Sarah and Sarah with Callie and Callie! Gal pals forever.

Highs of the night:
1. Riding with Ellyn and Liz
2. Finishing Session 3 PLs so I don't have to write them at YL camp next week
3. Playing Space Team before we ordered at dinner
4. Laughing all over Target 
5. Hanging out in the Longhouse
6. The last letter devotion with the CILTs for the summer of 2016
7. Ava serenading us while the Choctaw girls fell asleep

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