Tuesday, July 5, 2016

"What if they've been Live Streaming us all Session?"

All camp chapel days are my favorite because I get to see all of my Warrior and Pathfinder friends. I love getting to see Annie and Lilly be campers together, when Hadley and Ellison come from Fishers and reuniting with Sarah Kent...

hanging out with Jillian, Kendall and Sarah Woodward all week long.

 Chapel was fantastic this morning. The counselors did such a good job talking about joy and then singing so many of my favorite songs like Movements by Rend Collective.

Then life kept getting better when we headed back to the Day Camp site with the CILTies and reunited with some of our favorite humans.

I got to witness Olivia, Emma and Maggie as CILTs and now girls like Sarah and Callan are living the dream.

Once all the little kids arrive the real fun starts. The smiles are contagious and everyone quickly becomes friends in this environment.

I was so happy to see Shay, Hannah and Katie Peterson, Bunny and Melissa this morning.

We got to watch some intense Dodgeball with the Rangers and Pirate Ship with the Blazers.

By the end of the day everyone was sweaty and tired but the smiles were still there. Day Camp is pretty magical.

And then RFAJWD happened...

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