Thursday, July 14, 2016

"I woke up in the middle of the night and didn't feel good so I went and walked around flagpole and talked to myself."

The night wasn't really over when our campers went to bed last night. We waited about 20 minutes, just enough time for them to fall asleep, before pulling one of our favorite capers. 

Our musical selection this time was Defying Gravity from Wicked. We walked into each cabin with the music, headlamps on and whispered, "Girls! It's time to wake up-- it's morning! We have a surprise in the bathroom for you! Come on-- we don't want you to miss it!" Even though they'd just fallen asleep they were so thrown off about what was happening.

About half of them made it out of their bunks and into the bathroom for the donut party in honor of Anna Morgan's birthday. Nothing beats donuts at midnight!

This is m friend Sophie. She's a camp kid like me, growing up at the greatest place on the planet. We see each other the most often at chapel in the Green Cathedral. This week she's lucky enough to be at Day Camp. 

We love starting every morning with chapel in the Green Cathedral.

Tom spent the morning with the CILT Pack. Last night everyone took the 16 Personalities Test and wrote down their results. We're using this is a tool to help us grow in self-awareness.

We used all of chapel and a spectrum and moved ourselves between ends of the benches for each of the results. Extrovert v Introvert. Observant v Intuitive. Feeling v Thinking. Judging v Prospecting. Then the bonus Assertive v Turbulent. It's so interesting to see everyone spread out and then be grouped together for different letter combinations. This Session I'm ESFJ-A twins with Stephy, Margot, Teddy and Anna Morgan.

We're reppin' FBC at CT today. God Bless Anna, Audrey and FBC gal pals everywhere.

Next we shifted our mentality to Servanthood and went to work out in the Pine Forest. All sumer long CILTs have been working together to clear the growth around the newly planted pine trees so we can save them.

Working in pairs, we pull the weeds and collect them in giant trash bags. I love it because we get to spend this huge amount of time one on one with one of the CILTs. Today I worked with Anna Fagin and I loved every minute of it. This girl is fantastic and I loved talking about anything and everything. I think we could have kept going the rest of the day.

These CILTs are tough. They're hard workers and they got the job done. I was so proud of them this morning.

We reunited with the rest of the Riv before lunch. Oh how we love our cabins.

There's no such thing as a bad or boring day at Camp Tecumseh. This is the greatest place in the world.

Lizzie and Smoon reunited.

Racing into the Lake like woah...

Lizzie's got friends all over camp.

The big rock devotion is tonight... just getting ready...

We had some quality CILT Pack Counselor time this afternoon from bleaching chairs to circling around the Main Loop together. We've had quite the summer together.

The River tour included some Brave girl ceremonies, a trip down the Black Hole, and searching for all the rest of the cabins that seemed to be hiding from us.

Thursday night cook-outs are my favorite: hot dogs, chips, eating outside, hanging out with all of the pals. Thank the Lord for Diggy and Michelle in the Riv.

Ellyn and I would like to introduce you to Lord Licorice. We met yesterday in Candy Land. Watch out-- she has a way of sneaking up on you when your back is turned.

The Dog House is the coolest...

But these CILT girls are the coolest of the coolest.

Tonight, yes Thursday night, we finally learned our CILT cheer. It's really good one. I'm pumped to perform it at Closing Campfire tomorrow night.

We picked and practiced songs to sing at the Nursing Home tomorrow morning. Dude-- this crew has three incredibly talented guitar players. They're so good and I can't wait for their chapel this weekend.


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