Sunday, July 17, 2016

"Is that paint on your arms?"

Speed blogging. Ready, set, go!

CILTs rocked chapel this morning for the stayovers

Body of Christ meets Camp Tecumseh-- "We are Camp Tecumseh. Camp Tecumseh works together."

 Seriously, these kids were so good

I love Scar and that she's here for another week

Session 3 Party

Tanner is the coolest

"Relationship Building Time" = friendship bracelets and singing

Kate and Wylie reunited-- I want to be part of this family

I love Lucy, Shreya and Hannah

"It's good to be a CILT (counselor) right about now"

 Ellyn is the best because she brings me Chipotle, chips and Diet Coke

Human Barometer part 2

Warrior CILT girls take Lake Village-- I love these humans

Meet Gracie and Katie

Anna and Meg couldn't be more excited about being partners this week

Tanner and Claire are the coolest and the cutest and the funniest

Oh my goodness we love Mollie and Cari

Olivia Phillips is here! Diggy is a unicorn!


Professor Paper Clip and Captain Obvious

Kayla got to do something cool at campfire! She's a YMCA cheerleader!

I love this camp. I love my CILTs. I love the Longhouse. I love this job. I love that we've still got a whole week of Session 3 left.

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  1. Sarah, I love you so much. Thank you for an incredible week full of opportunities, love, faith, friends, and fun. I couldn't have asked for a better experience, and I am truly blessed to have gotten to experience this session of CILTs. Much Love <3