Sunday, July 10, 2016

"What kind of discipline works well with your child?" "Tell her she can't go to Camp Tecumseh. That's it."

Sunday staff meetings at 12:44 are a sea of blue in the River Lodge. 

30 girls check in to the Longhouse and fill the porch with markers, reunion hugs, new friendships and lice checks.

Our swim check got a little extra wet this afternoon. Session 3-- you gotta go all out right?

Meet the CILTs of Session 3 2016:

Choctaw (is our cabin. We must take care of her.)



We're so pumped about Week5. I've got Anna Morgan by my side. The Mooney sisters are with each other in the Brave unit. 

The CILTs went to Opening Campfire tonight as Empire.

Lillia loved when Arapaho borrowed all of her toys so they could be Dads for campfire. So many extra people to play with her.

SO MANY FRIENDS ARE HERE! I'm so excited about Tanner, Mollie, Wylie, Hannah and more girls that are finally at camp.

A cabin came to campfire with their own portable Ga-Ga Pit.

I would like to be considered an honorary member of Pima. Seriously, who doesn't wish they were in this cabin?

 We're so excited about this new CILT Pack.

Sarah Z is back for the FL Keys Sailing Trip plus Meg and Margot have arrived for CILTs-- TETON WEEK 9 2015 REUNION!

One camp

Two villages

Three awesome clinics

Four crazy units

Five delicious lunches

Six mornings of worship God in chapel

Seven thousand bags of M and M's sold at Trading Post each week

Eight aqua-sizing, oxidizing blue whales at the bottom of the Richard G Marsh Lake who nap and spout with equal proficiency

Nine weeks of having fun, on the run, in the sun, shootin' guns, I'm tellin' ya hun, on the banks of the beautiful Tippecanoe just 12 miles East of where it meets the mighty Wabash

Ten hilarious, precarious, nefarious Tecumseh campers in every cabin determined to make this the best camp of this or any other summer

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