Monday, July 18, 2016

"Oh my gosh look at me. I feel like Miley Cyrus in the Last Song."

Today was easily one of my favorite days of the entire summer. I wish I could go back and relive it again. First off, you can't help but have a blast when you're surrounded by friends like these girls. 

We had Leadership Path Rotations for the last time this morning. I loved talking with my small groups of kids, thinking about the ripple effect we get to be part of in the lives of people around us. 

We did a Gallery Walk and wrote answers to questions posted around the room. Reading what these CILTs wrote made me so proud to call them my friends. I love these people.

All summer I've been showing them a video interview of my friends Chloe and Jacob. Two of the coolest teenagers I know, I can't wait to be leaders with them at Timber Wolf Lake next week for Young Life.

We finished off the morning with a spontaneous mud hike and trip to the Richard G to rinse off. No time like the present to jump into a mud pit right?

Pool time was one of my favorites of the whole summer. Jas jumped off the high dive for the very first time, I got to hang out with my Warrior gals and everyone was just having a blast.

Ellyn and I hit up the Nature Center this afternoon. This time we not only got to play with baby turtles, frogs and geckos-- I finally got to hold the snake!

And we found a wild Diggy in the Nature Center too.

Kerrigan and Ellyn were both courageous enough to touch Indy (the snake) too.

Stephy screams and yells my name and tackles me with love every time she sees me. Goodness she makes people feel special.

Tonight continued the day of awesomeness. First a game of Dominican Chaos between the CILT cabins.

Next the CILTs had their own special cookout of cheeseburgers in the Riv.

Then we surprised them with FREE CHIPOTLE BURRITOS AND CHIPS AND GUAC! Seriously. Free. Last week I asked a manager if their location would donate burritos to my campers because another counselor had gotten free chipotle for their kids from the other location. THEY SAID YES RIGHT AWAY!

30 burritos. Chips and guac. All for free. God Bless Chipotle.

This is my friend Caroline. I LOVE this girl. She's smart and witty and hilarious when she sings and is someone that I just love to spend time talking to. Tonight she helped us clean up (that's awesome) and then we just sat in Main Field and chatted. I'm so glad that we've got this time together.

Tonight was reserved for CILT Pack time-- so much hanging out with these extraordinary kids. I've got the best job.

Liz taught everyone to play Body Parts-- music plays, you and your partner walk around, the music stops, Liz yells out two body parts, you and your partner touch those body parts.

So much laughter. We loved it.

Next we hiked all the way to the LV and then out to Ghost Creek in the Oak Forest walking with buddies along the way.

Liz made every CILT find a rock that described their personality.

This is weird: When we walked back on the same path 10 minutes later there was a patch of ground littered with about 30 of these little fish that were not there earlier. HOW DID THEY GET THERE?!

Next we went on a serenade of Campfire Song, Hey There Delilah, All I Want For Christmas and I'm Yours. We serenaded Liz White...

Molly Such...

and J and Renee.

We made it back to the Party Room in time to play two rounds of 4 On A Couch (the unofficial game of CILTs). Then we ended the night out at the Green Cathedral for Night Chapel. It was absolutely beautiful. God is so good.

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