Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"My cats are named Snugglewhiskers, Twinkleface and Rainbowbutt. There was another baby yesterday and I named it Poptart."

Caroline loves reading Twilight on her Kindle first thing in the morning. For this and many other reasons, I love this girl. 

It's Dudley the Donkey's birthday!!!!

Debbie made him a giant lettuce and banana cake.

It's Aidan's birthday too!!!

BIG NEWS! For the first time ever-- I'm a safety officer at Camp Tecumseh. What the hob. This is crazy.

Meanwhile I'm so thankful for Hayes, LV Safety Officer Annie and Olivia Phillips.

CILTies played at Day Camp today-- so much time with my fav gal pals like Hools, Meg, Vanessa, Caroline, Mags and Lizzie.

Lizzie's favorite part of Day Camp is when all the counselors climb on the picnic tables and cheer for the kids arriving on the bus. They duck down and pretend they're not there but then jump and surprise the counselors. Then everyone does the Day Camp cheer together.

This is Melissa. She does a Counselor Contest every Thursday at Parent Dessert Night. The first counselor to 10 points wins. Today she made an exception and did a special round of Counselor Contest for Liz, Grace and me.

The CILTs quickly became friends with the kids in their trail groups.

I found Megan, the third Safety Officer of the day.

 And the rest of the day was filled with just about as much fun as you can imagine.


Cake Head...


Icing on the Cake Head...

Alice the cactus because Lucy is the coolest...

Swim lessons and free swim...

Hugs and high-5s and so much happiness.

So thankful for a night off with my fav gal pals Ellyn, Brunner Runner, Liz White and Lizzie. What the hob would I do without these friends all summer long? Thankful for friends that love you when you're at your best and your worst and will always laugh right along with you.

I'm so thankful for how God works at Tecumseh. We did the prayer station devotion for the last time tonight and God was so at work in these girls hearts and their lives. It's a beautiful thing to get to witness and we were moved to tears. I love that I get to be part of something that totally matters, something that's having an eternal impact. God is so good. 

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