Friday, July 8, 2016

"Sometimes the girls in my cabin have inside jokes but I never get them."

I was with the CILTs, right behind Diggy and her Blazers this morning. I got a front row seat to watch how she's loving all of the girls in her cabin so well and giving all of them exactly what they need from her. 

There was an original skit this morning about all the qualities of the Sagamore Creed. At first it reminded me of The Race To Know The Lord and then everyone's qualities changed to the 6 we focus on every Friday night.

This morning the CILTs spent the morning writing their Graduation Song for Closing Campfire tonight to the tune of 7 Years.

Once I arrived at RV, my counselor told me
Don't lose your baby or you'll get a piece of me
Once I arrived at Camp T

There is a Long, Long House but also there's the Brova
Pushing each other to the limits, we were leading quicker
By Day 1 we were sure we would be friends forever
Then by Monday we got cabins and we loved our campers

Once I was at the lake, John Amy told me
Go get yourself a buddy or you'll be lonely
Once I was at the lake

I always had that dream like the CILTs before me
And we always sing the song about our lactose problems
Something about those birthdays makes the Party Room great
And we come from California to North Carolina

Once we were 40 strangers 
Our stories got told by sharing Life Maps with each other
Once we were 40 strangers 

We always do teamwork, we don't believe in failing
RFAJWD it is a life changer
I got my campers with me, the best adopted cabin
We got some allergies egg, soy, wheat and dairy

Once we got to Week 4, the Anna's came back
We were learning about what camp has to offer
Once we got to Week 4

Soon it'll be Week 5, our song has been sung
We've walked around Camp T and might keep going
Soon it'll be Week 5

I'm still learning about leading
My cabin brought campers for me
So I can sing them chapel songs and tell them Camp T stories
Most of the CILTs are sleeping; we're always late to flagpole
Cause we always stay up too late talking with our cabins

Soon we'll be leaving Camp T with our wooden name tags
Remember camp and then your life becomes a better one
I made a kid so happy when I used my bubbles
I hope the CILTs stick with me when I go back home

CILTs was the time of our lives, made lifelong friends
We don't want to say good-bye to all of them
We'll always love you Camp T
We'll always love you Camp T

So many CILT girl counselors tonight (Arielle was currently with the baby cows at the mini farm when we took this).

I love the Media Team's pictures.

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