Monday, July 4, 2016

"I couldn't find any more Dorito's but I did find some melted nacho cheese."

Katie, Linc and Red came to flagpole, breakfast and chapel this morning. Oh my I love these three and any time that we get to spend time together. 

Somehow Ellyn was lucky enough to wind up between the boys at breakfast. Even with her aversion to syrup, she still handled the whole meal of sugar soaked pancakes and bacon.

Thanks to the fruit bar my pancakes were looking very patriotic.

It's so cool to jump into the middle of a CILT session and get to witness the friendships that have already been formed. I love seeing connections between counselors, campers and adopted cabins happening all over the place.

We did rotations for the 2nd time this morning. Smoon and I doubled up to talk about student ministries. Once everyone gathered back together we played two old school games-- Protect the President and LV flip.

This is the same week that Smoon worked last summer and four of her campers are here again. Lele ran right up to Smoon yesterday and gave her the biggest hug.

Wanna know 4 more awesome things about Camp T? Emily, Kendall, Lulu and Diggy. God bless.

 SMOON IS HERE! #week4party

After lunch Liz and I sprinted to the CILT rock and Smoon came running after us like a gazelle. What pals.

CHECK OUT SESSION TWO! Oh my goodness these kids are fun.

The fun is basically exploding out of them. Kind of like fireworks... on the 4th of July...

Liz also might be part firework.

The CILT Pack is all about the 4th of July and being patriotic all week long. Ellyn and I are rocking the USA shirts that came from Joe's Souvenirs in Washington D.C. from this year's 8th grade field trip.

Lake Time is the best time-- especially when you spend all of it in the shallow end.

This is our sweet friend Carolyn. She was here at the start of the summer and thank the lord she's back again. I met Carolyn because our friend Cecilia (aka the Old Hag) and Smoon was determined to find her because Kellie Valentine. Camp connections rock.

Tonight the CILTs made history. We've ditched the traditional CILT hobo dinner (because it takes forever, some kids had hobo dinners two nights in a row and cooking 48 hobo dinners is just not fun for anyone) and GRILLED CHEESEBURGERS instead! Meet Grace the Grill Master.

I have to say it was a great success.

Five more reasons why we love Session 2: Viv, Anna Jefferson, Leah, Ava and Abbie. They really love Tecumseh.

We got to do one of my favorite CILT traditions tonight: MAIN FIELD EASTER EGG HUNT!

Most were filled with candy and two held friendship bracelets inside.

The evening also involved some hammock swinging...

We played Sardines, wrote Thank You letters to housekeeping/maintenance/kitchen staff and the girls made best friend necklaces. Near the end of the night one of my girls said, "We did SO many fun things tonight-- can we do this all the time?" It was one heck of a 4th of July.

p.s. I haven't properly introduced the cabins yet...





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