Tuesday, July 12, 2016

"So then I just tuck-and-rolled through the window."

Highs of the Day:

Pima announced their new Pima Padre...


And they created the Pima Madre FOR ELLYN!

Fleetfoot and Running Deer in chapel became the race to be the new camp director

Seeing my sweet friend Cari Gaffigan

Longhouse girls all dressed up with their twin today

Keypad at the TLC

41 CILTs conquering the 12 ft wall

Seeing my girl Hannah at lunch in the LV

All CILT pool time with the Braves and Pathfinders

Twinning with Ellyn all day

Human Barometer and Personal Purpose Statements

Meeting the gang at Arni's

Finishing the night with ice-cream after running into Sarah Ryan at Wal-Mart

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