Wednesday, July 6, 2016

"Go big or go home. Actually... go medium or go back to camp."

First, before you read anything I have to say, you need to read this. A stupid handshake and an enthusiastic high schooler. Abby Bien is the coolest and I miss having her at Tecumseh so much this summer. 

It was a bit rainy at Tecumseh this morning. Chapel was inside the Party Room with all our Brave and Blazer squeezed together. It didn't change the CILTs plans though because it was SHERPA WALK TIME!

Best advice: expect the unexpected.

We also had enough time to play Family (aka Celebrity) with the entire CILT Pack. Some of our guests included Ansel Adams, Beyonce, Toucan Sam, Stephanie Tanner, Avatar the Last Airbender, the Party Moose, Tom Elliott, Selena Gomez, Eminem, Juliette Hoff and Taylor Swift.

Ellyn is living the dream today-- it's Miss Dean's birthday and she's twinning wolf shirts with Mikaela. Camp is the greatest.

After Rest Hour Best Hour the 5 CILT counselors ran up to Lake for our first Empire game of the summer.  We did a whole lot of running around, not a lot of getting keys, and a ton of having fun with campers.

Lucky for us, we ended up on the same team as our gal pals Sarah Woodward and Kendall Wendall. My favorite part of running between kingdoms was seeing all my LV friends like Cameron, Jack Drake, Annie, Lilly, Jillian, Sophie, Reece, Sarah Kent and Pathfinder and Warrior counselors.

Though our team came in 2nd place with 980 points, Vallanor was victorious with a record-breaking 26 keys in their box at the end of the game.

Lucky for me, I crossed paths with the big girls Emma and Mags as I headed back to the Riv and they were leaving Day Camp. I was their counselor exactly a year ago and now they're doing big things with their campers. I love this camp family.

I got to spend the whole night with Smooney and Ellyn-- dreams come true. And in the middle of Wal-Mart we had a brilliant idea. Ellyn handled the phone call with a guy named Nick at Pizza Hut.

The CILTs thought it was the start of devotions-- which makes sense because we had them circle up in Choctaw, lit candles, turned off the lights and prayed. But after "Amen" we walked in and yelled, "PIZZA!" Katie Dean's birthday + CILT Jar fun = Pizza Party. We love this life.

Honorable Mention Blog Titles:
"Heyyyyyy- Macaroni!"
"Yeah, 40 people aren't quiet. Especially when they're yelling."

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