Wednesday, November 2, 2016

"Did you just pick a cookie as your side?"

Highs of the day:
1. My kids crack me up-- school is the coolest
2. Playing nanny to the Andritch kids
3. Dinner meeting with Tom and J to talk CILTs and how to keep making it better
4. Watching the Cubs with Audrey
5. A letter from Maddie Flynn that made me laugh
6. Ordered the FBC shirts!

At the end of every Young House Love Has A Podcast episode John and Sherry talk about what they're digging. Here's what I'm digging lately:

Starbucks order and pay on your phone-- after Smoon showed me the magic of this app when she was recently visiting I finally wised up and got it myself. Instead of waiting inside or in the drive thru line, you order your coffee before you leave your house, pay on the app and then walk into the Starbucks and find your vanilla latte waiting on the counter for you. It's magic.

Rifle Paper notepad-- Usually I stick with my Happy Mail cards, but I fell in love with the paper from one of Smelko's letters. There's something classy, fun and old school about this paper that just makes you want to sit down and write to an old friend.

Today Is Going To Be A Great Day Calendar-- I've had this page-a-day calendar on my desk all year and totally love it. I just found the 2017 version so the happiness won't stop. My favorite part is finding the perfect torn off page to send in a letter to one of my pen-pals. 

What are you digging?

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