Tuesday, November 1, 2016

"Well, at least we have Jesus."

Forget about the Super Bowl, World Series, March Madness Championship, Stanley Cup, the Masters and the Olympics for that matter. Tonight I got to witness one of the greatest sporting match-ups of all time-- Hope College Flying Dutchman v. the Indiana University Hoosiers. It was the show down that would put all other show downs to shame.

I grabbed Hannah, Maddie and Ellyn after school and headed South to Bloomington. Our first stop was the Chocolate Moose, a BTown staple, but much to Ellyn's dismay we missed their closing by two days. Lucky for us, they're still selling Chocolate Moose ice-cream in the basement of the library. 

We walked around a little bit of the campus and quickly ran into three of our friends. Alexandra and Lauren are both CILT girl alumna who now go to IU. We also ran into one of Ellyn's BFFs who spotted us first.

Ellyn will tell you that she peaked in college, though I would say her best days are still ahead of her. We did a drive by of Ellyn's favorite house-- that's straight up joy my friends.

Ellyn took us to Smokin' Jacks' Rib Shack for dinner; one of Bloomington's finer dining establishments. It was worth the trip my friends. We were about ready to burst by the time we finished all of the mac n' cheese, corn bread and chicken.

Then it was time for the main event! Thanks to the Devoe family, we had an awesome seats to watch Hope dominate on the court. They led IU for the first few minutes of the game until IU came from behind... and then led the rest of the time. Hope fans were definitely outnumbered but that didn't dull our spirits.

As if the night couldn't get any more magical, Sam and Arie were there too! They came down to sit right by us for the second half of the game. Friends and sports--that's what life is all about right?

After the game was over we got to see our favorite cheerleader Haleigh, visit her dorm and see her roommates. We headed back to Indy, reminiscing about the music of Ellyn and I's adolescent days the whole way, and cheering for the Cubs as they added another W to their streak. Sports-- they're just the best.

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