Monday, November 7, 2016

"God is in this place, truly, and I didn't even know."

The best part of every Monday morning is hanging out with this crew. We've grown a bit to include some more friends who want to be part of the conversation. That's one of my favorite parts of this group-- they want to be here and want to be learning and growing together. This morning we listened to the Desert Song, talked about the things that seem to be holding us back and then shifted our perspective on how God is at work. 

This is my home girl Katie. She just joined the Patty gang and she's so excited about it. Things I love about Katie include the way she loves everyone around her, the smile that's almost always on her face and how she comes to visit my classroom a couple times a day during passing period. She's a gem.

It's no secret that letters, real post-office-stamp-on-the-corner-kind-of-mail, are one of my favorite things. I've got a stash of cards to send out and put a letter on my to-do list every day. But the sweetest part is when I get letters back from my friends. Today I got two letters from my rad friend Nikki Lanigan Jones.

Monday nights are the best nights because we show up for Young Life. Mia toted along her new baby-- YL's youngest member. It takes a village right?

Lucky for these kids, they don't have school tomorrow because of the election so there was no reason not to show up tonight. The first 15 minutes when everyone is hanging out is one of the best moments because it's full of hugs and reunions and catching up. These are our people.

Tonight's format was a little different than normal. We spread out around the gym and went through the sheet independently or with one friend. Cassidy and I sat together to read through the verses and talk about the questions together. This one on one time is the greatest-- I wouldn't want to be doing anything else.

In the last 15 minutes our group got a little bigger and the conversation continued. Anyone who is involved in YL will tell you that it's the relational part of this ministry that makes it so successful. We don't just show up here on Monday nights but we're talking or hanging out all week long. We do this together. Life change and growth happen in relationship-- it changes everything. It's such a privilege to get to be part of these girls' lives.

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