Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"Why are you all wearing those FBC shirts today? Do you guys have a tournament against another school tonight?"

Highs of the day:
1. Finding notes on my desk from Johnna and Mallory when I got back from school
2. Being excited to see my students at school after being gone yesterday
3. Chipotle party with a gang of my favorite people
4. Texting with Smoon and being the best of pals even when we're so far away
5. This video that will absolutely make you smile and most likely make you laugh
6. Passing out FBC shirts at school to all the gal pals
7. Working on the HSE YL Camp Promos that we'll post until sign-ups go live on December 1st

"These conversations changed the way that I see life. Listening to amazing people share talks at Club or in the cabin is incredible. You won't find it anywhere else." Jake, college freshmen, HSE YL alumni

Honorable Mention Blog Title:
"A-" [insert high-5]

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