Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The November Varsity Project: The Friendship Project

Varsity FBC is in year three of advanced friendship bracelet making. Our team includes 43 girls from around HSE and across the Midwest. One of our goals is to provide opportunities for these girls to partner together to do small things with great love. Each month I'm going to give them a project where they can make bracelets for a cause. Together we can make a bigger impact than if we were trying to do it on our own.

I first met my friend Mollie Krone when she was a camper years ago at Camp Tecumseh. Mollie is full of enthusiasm for life, compassion for her friends and an eagerness to embrace every opportunity for fun. Mollie lives out the I'm 3rd Motto all year round by putting God first, Others second and herself third. Last year Mollie told me that she was starting something called The Friendship Project. This past month, Varsity FBC made bracelets to help support Mollie's club. 

Mollie told me, "The Friendship Project is something I do for children in hospitals who are going through a hard time. I want to let them know that they will always have a friend. I decided to start The Friendship Project because so many people kept telling me to sell my bracelets. I didn't like the idea of selling them, but my parents helped me come up with the idea of giving the bracelets away for free to make kids happy.

Over the summer I went to Camp Riley. I met a woman named Olivia who has given me so many opportunities to give away bracelets. When I went to Camp Riley I remember teaching some of the kids how to make bracelets. I won't forget the looks on their faces and how happy they were when I gave them each their own bracelet."

I'm so excited for Mollie to deliver these bracelets to more kids like the ones she met at Camp Riley last summer. She is putting love in action and giving kids a physical reminder that they matter, that they are noticed and that they are loved. 

Bracelets this month were made by Brooke Ratliff, Mallory Myers, Sophie Sams, Erin Dickett, Sarah Wright, Ellyn Hessong, Olivia Phillips, Carolyn Nohren, Grace Eckhardt and Ellen Baker. 

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