Sunday, November 20, 2016

"Would you be happy if I got you 6 cases of Diet Coke randomly one day?"

Friday morning I walked into school and found this 7th grade bible study sitting in the hall. From my classroom, I can hear their conversation before the day officially starts. I love that Caitlin is leading these girls so well and forming this community. "Don't put a limit on how big God is and how much he wants to be part of your life."

This is Chloe. She usually comes up to me at least once a day with this huge smile on her face and some story to tell me. Chloe always has a billion folders with papers popping out, an extra sweater tied around her waist, hair falling out of her ponytail or braid-- but she's always asking questions and making sure that her papers are turned in on time. I tell Chloe that when I have a kid someday she'll probably be just like her-- she'll have her stuff together but still be a smiling hot mess most of the time.

Day 3 of baby-sitting continued...
- Picking up all 3 of the Andritch kids from school
- Dinner at Steak n' Shake with all our favorite things (friendship bracelets, markers, coloring pages, book) at the table
- Meeting Alex and J at the Craig house to start that part of the adventure
- Dropping Jesse off at movie night in the monsoon that changed IN weather from a sunny 70 degress to a freezing winter weekend
- Showing up at Claire's birthday to join in on the camping fun for awhile
- Having a house party back at the Craig house with Ellyn, Alex and Jesse

Day 4 of baby-sitting week at the Craig house...
- Making blueberry bisquick pancakes!!!!
- Convincing Alex to do her math first thing to get it out of the way

- Ellyn, Jesse and Sar's adventure to McDonald's, Chipotle, String Land (aka Michael's)
- "L-A, L-A-U, L-A-U-N-D-R-Y, CRAIG HOUSE (clap, clap) LAUNDRY (clap, clap)" all day long, all day strong
- Jesse choosing to work on his math while also enthusiastically checking the remaining time on the washer and dryer for us

- Photo shoot in downtown Fishers with Alex, Hailey, Holden, Mallory and my sidekick Morgan (the one with the camera bag and binoculars)

- Dinner at the Myer's house-- noodles were coming out of the kids' noses and ears, everyone wanted a turn playing snake, Johnna and Brad are the coolest and we could have stayed all night
- Friendship braceleting, Gilmore Girls, canvas painting and Lifetime Christmas movies back at the Craig house party
- and don't forget more "L-A, L-A-U, L-A-U-N-D-R-Y, CRAIG HOUSE (clap, clap) LAUNDRY (clap, clap)"

Day 5, the final day of baby-sitting week...
- Church at Harvest Bible Chapel with the Myers' family and getting to sit between Mallory and Johnna
- Qdoba party for the Qdoba Queen Alex Craig
- Randomly running into Mary Kate Myer, an old Choctaw rock star-- Ellyn, MK and I just attacked each other in a pile of hugs
- Listening to House Party 5 times in a row on he way home
- Reuniting with KCraig back at home and getting to just sit in the living room together and tell stories of the weekend

- Hanging up my brand new Gilmore Girls inspired canvas from Mallory that I love-- only 4 more days until Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life is released!!!!
- The neat freak side of me was so happy to unpack, do laundry and get organized for the week ahead after being gone for 5 days

- Dinner with Maddie at her favorite Tengery Bistro and then listening to our favorite Christmas songs
- Surprising Grace and Abby, back from college for break, and getting to catch up on life, reminisce about their Junior High days and watch Grace's dog PowerPoint that took 5 hours to make

It was a lives-overlapping, showing up, house party kind of weekend-- the very best kind you can have.

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