Thursday, November 17, 2016

"Wow. I'm starstruck at myself."

A year ago today Fishers, IN changed forever. We got a Chik-Fil-A. Honestly it was a very big deal for a long time-- it was the spot to be. Little did we know that the anniversary of their Grand Opening would also be a very big deal. This afternoon Chik-Fil-A was handing out chicken sandwiches and cupcakes FOR FREE! You better believe that Fudge and I swung by to snag some before picking up the kids from karate. 

Baby-sitting adventures Day #2 also included checking off everything on the chore list right away, a Pizza Party, friendship braceleting with Ava, learning about black belt levels and the Grey's finale with Fudge.

Happy Mail from A Beautiful Mess continues to be one of my very favorite things. If you need a gift for a letter-loving friend this is it. For $15 a month they get an envelope stuffed with cards, a print, postcards and some extra flare delivered right to their door. It's a steal for how many happy things are included. These are some of my favorites this month.

But the happiest mail of all has to be the letters that get delivered to my mailbox. Texting and social media are sweet, but hand written letters with decorated envelopes are my favorite way to stay in touch with friends.

Have you heard? Sign-ups for YL camp at Timber Wolf, WL camp at Michindoh and the Wilderness trip all open on December 1st. The anticipation is building.

"At camp everyone interacts and has great conversations instead of just being on their phones. Meals at Clearwater last summer were so different than we all have at home. I love it." -Chloe, 8th grader

"I went on Wilderness only really knowing 1 person. Now, 6 months later, my best friends are the 13 girls I spent 6 days with on the mountain." -Cassidy, Junior

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