Sunday, November 6, 2016

"I love old people. I'm doing homework at a Starbucks and an older woman came in, ordered, than found a random Asian kid and asked him if he was smart. Then she pulled out a clock from her purse and asked him to change the time on it."

This weekend was a whirlwind...

1. Friday night road trip with a pit stop in Delphi to tour the HS, visit Ruth at St. E and grab a bite at the local DQ Grill and Chill

2. Met up with a crew of counselors in Upper Pioneer to kick-start Others Second On The Second weekend with hobo dinners, screen printing t-shirts, planning the schedule, finding costumes for Team Joel, sharing devotions and bunking up in Whitetail

3. Saturday One Day Camp with a group of 4th graders in Lafayette-- there were camp songs, name tags, clinics, flies between gymp and cartooning, the craziest lunch you ever did see, poster making, UNITE, team-building, skits and a hip hop performance.

4. Sunday morning Cracker Barrel date with Ellyn and ERIN DICKETT! We took her for her first time ever at Cracker Barrel and playing checkers.

 Cheered on her soccer team and then ended up running into HANNAH ORNDORFF too!

5. Sunday afternoon Indiana Elite Dawg Show pre-season performances-- the best way to watch all of my Junior High and HS girls perform their routines in one place. They killed it.

6. Other spectacular moments of the weekend included the best nap I've had all year, baked oatmeal, friendship bracelets, homemade chowder, hanging out with Mel, doing life with KCraig, being so thankful for Smoon even when we're hours apart, a new podcast interview with my girl Glennon Doyle Melton and loving that extra hour from Daylight Savings time.

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